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Re: The Quotes of Note Thread
« on: September 23, 2013, 11:38:37 am »
Quote from: Shane
I hope your father's operation is successful...
I'd also like to tell you that... no matter what happens, you shouldn't give up ever.
I should know. My impostor... many of the things he said were either the true or false for me.
I never gave up trying to get access back to my e-mail account. (Seriously, who tries for about a year and a half?)
And it was only since that incident began that I truly chose never to give up.
I used to give up rather easily back when I went to school.
I was mocked, annoyed by some students... I broke a lot of my stationary out of anger.
I couldn't take the "torment" any longer... I even considered suicide by bashing my head against a wall.
However, my willpower managed to prevent me from doing that; the bell rang and I quickly went to the rows.
... Yeah... I hope I haven't annoyed you with this, or anything...
But... if you really wish to leave the Dragon Riders Planning Forums... then that's your decision, and I respect that a lot.
While I am a bit angry that you left without telling me of some things regarding administration, I can understand that you're going through a rough time.
It's probably even rougher than the times I went through.
Sometimes I went without food, I even went without electricity for a full month due to financial problems, and...

... Something doesn't add up. I'm not going to bother with the details; although you did help out a bit regarding it.

This is especially noteworthy to me... since Shane's determination to cheer me up... helped, I guess...
I shouldn't give up, no matter what.
That is what makes it especially noteworthy...

Can you afford a new mouse, Shane?

I hear that mice are inexpencive nowadays.
... I don't know. :-\
I could ask my father when he gets back home, but the only computer shop in Gansbaai is moving someplace else. And since none of us would know where it's moving to, it's easier said than done.
I don't like wireless mice; it's too easy to throw them off a table by accident or to forget about.
And those connectivity things would annoy me as well; I'm already annoyed by the constantly-flashing light of the keyboard's connectivity device thing.

I could try catching a mouse myself and then somehow finding a way to connect it to the computer, but that method only works in cartoons.
A cat using a literal mouse as a computer mouse. And then the computer getting struck by lightning and the cat and mouse getting sent into the computer.

... Yeah. That was weird.
That actually made me laugh XD
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