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Re: The Quotes of Note Thread
« on: October 27, 2013, 03:55:43 pm »
I'm the only one who uses this thread :'(

* KarjamP sees rare use of kissing smiley.
Taylor over-uses it D:
Didn't you see in the Shane vs Taylor chess match thread thing?
Blame it on the shipping~ :-*

Heh.  I'm delighted to see this forum gives ninja warnings; figures since you're in charge, Shane.   :)   Lovely idea!
Actually, that can be changed in the User Control Panel. ^_^

I looked through member lists of SCS Forums and DRPF Forums, and I made a list of possible ships, just for fun. Tell me what you think.

Shane x Taylor (certainly the central one; plus it actually exists)
Wayne x Kanpachi (second one that exists here)
Shane x Rebelle (bestie!)
Wayne x Taylor (well, might be good)
GalanDun x Polaris (not sure about Polaris's gender, though; but it  looks fine)
KarjamP x Rebelle (yes, the explosion caught KarjamP, too)
Kushagra x Kanpachi (yes, of course, I had to)
Dr. Time x Rebelle (they would make a nice couple)

These are several I thought of. So yeah, what do you think? Anything more from you?
Personally, I think it's awesome ^_^

You guys are keeping me running from board to board.   :D
Several chess matches at the same time leads to that. ::)

Perfectly reasonable; cats are lovely.   :)
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