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Re: Tropes-Related Talk
« on: December 10, 2013, 12:31:04 pm »
Why don't you do it yourself? :o
Because I can't edit Shane's troper page. (Due to vandalism, tropers can only edit their own troper page.)

Achievements in Ignorance would apply to someone who can kill the immortal, regardless of the fact that they're, well, immortal, right? Or is that Beyond the Impossible?
(I've already asked this at TV Tropes in the "Post your random thoughts" thread.)
Did anyone answer this? D:
I'll answer this now: Achievements in Ignorance (in addition to Beyond the Impossible, as it's possible for an instance to be an example of more than one trope) would only apply if said person did not know that said immortal cannot be killed at all. Otherwise, that'll only be Beyond the Impossible.
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