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Re: Newly Added Elements!
« on: August 11, 2013, 09:08:16 pm »

Sorry, friends... I guess I've just proved how useless this poll somehow ended up to be... -_-"

Gems, Fairy, Psychic (or Psi), Moe (needs better name), Chemical (needs better name), Laser, Hope, Squirrel... those are the eight elements in the poll, correct? I'd add Nether (or Chthonic) and Plasma, but... then it's ten, and 45 elements = good, in my opinion :P

As of this post, those elements are all... cannon. ... Er, I mean, canon.

So I'll reset the poll, and make voting only for one element.
In addition, I've moved it to the Polls board.


So, now I've got to figure out better names for Moe and Chemical, but I'll figure that out.
I've also to figure out the abilities that those elements have. Of course, all elements have an ability that raises attack stats if HP reaches 1/3 so... :P


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