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Re: What is your element?
« on: August 01, 2013, 06:43:20 am »
Wait, nevermind, I just saw the poll. Not sure how I missed that. :P

Anyway...after much debating, I believe my element is...Quintessence.

That's not just some random god mod conclusion, either, I actually have reasons. Allow me to explain...

Fire is nice and all, but I'm not really a destructive person most of the time. (But when I's a sight to behold.) However, I do like Fire and think it's pretty, and I can be very passionate at times, especially when it comes to those I love and helping others. So, Fire counts, but it's not my end-all element. A thing to note is that Fire is very helpful in unexpected ways if used correctly, a lot like me.

Water is more laid-back, which is me a lot of the time, and I can be pretty passive and cold, like ice. However, I'm not crazy about oceans or icicles or anything, and like I said, I'm generally pretty passionate and social sometimes. So even though I like helping people (Water) and I sometimes am very solitary and distant (Ice), Water isn't quite my element either. Although it's interesting to note that Water can be thought of as transforming, which holds a bit of significance to me.

Earth is robust and friendly, and that's definitely me. Earth is also...well, down to earth. :P I'm like that sometimes, too. However, I'm also very much a dreamer and imaginative, and I'm definitely not very physically-oriented. I mean, I'm not super-weak or anything, I'm just not very concentrated on that. And I'm definitely a lot more sensitive and quiet, although that's balanced out with my more informal and determined qualities. Sometimes I'm really, really resistant to outside forces and negative comments, effortlessly shooting them away, and other times a simple look or a small gesture will shatter me. I kinda zig-zag it. Once, again, Earth is kinda but not really my thang. Although it should be known that I really like Nature, which is centered in Earth.

Air is flighty and gentle, which is me a bunch of the time. Air is also fast and destructive, which is me to a much lesser extent. However, Air is also mostly the space unoccupied by other things. Although I sometimes just hover on the outskirts of things, like Air, I often find myself smack dab in the middle, too. In addition, I don't like the amount of dryness from Air, and even though I'm an enigmatic person at times, I don't really find myself too much of an airhead. ;) Air is out of the question as my main element.

With all this, I decided I must be Quintessence.

(Besides, it's supposedly what makes up heavenly bodies. Heavenly bodies? Polaris, the guiding star? Geddit? :P)

The thing is, though, since I cover basically every field and base evah thanks to my wildly varied personality, I could be considered None. Which means I'm possibly somewhere between Quintessence and None, does that make any sense? :<

Nevertheless, I guess out of the five classical elements, Quintessence is mine, because it has a little of all other elements, besides its own representation: stars.

...yeah. I put a lot of thought into this. :)