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Re: Elvanian Planet
« on: May 20, 2013, 01:41:25 pm »
The unlabeled map of the Arilari Continent.
The labeled map of the Arilari Continent.

This is the Arilari Continent. This is where a large portion of Justice Hearts takes place since the Prologue.
There are two continents visible on the map; those have no labels yet because I have yet to work on those areas.

Roete Tien, Roete Elf and Kransdorp are all Afrikaans names. "Roete" is Afrikaans for "Route", "Tien" means "Ten", "Elf" means "Eleven" (yes, "elf" is an Afrikaans word meaning "eleven"), "krans" means "chasm" (I think), "dorp" means "town".

And no, "Zoen" has nothing to do with kisses of any sort ("soen" is Afrikaans for "kiss"). The word "Zoen", in Draconian (I guess, IF Shane allows it), means "curved".

The Haheria Continent is to the south-west (I think? I get confused with east and west. :-[ ) of the Arilari Continent. To the north-east (Again, I get confused with east and west, so I don't know. :-[ ) is an unnamed continent (as of now).
The only reason why the Haheria Continent is currently known is because it's mentioned in Chapter 1 of Justice Hearts.
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