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Re: Elvanian Planet
« on: May 20, 2013, 01:42:17 pm »
This is a list of locations in the Arilari continent, with very short descriptions (I'm pressed for time here). In square brackets, the chapters introduced are mentioned, whether it's on the map already and a short description. I'll update the descriptions in due time.

Roai City [Prologue] [MAP] [A city near the coast, where people study many things.]
Hiragakashi City [Chapter 2] [MAP] [The city of ninjas. The Ninja Academy is located near the coast.]
Sun'd City [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A city in the desert. The massive dome prevent sand from blowing in.]
Carila City [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The largest city on the Arilari continent, at the southern edge.]
Kal Ella Laell City [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A city on Zizio Island. It is a tourist hotspot and also temperate.]

Nequi City [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A bustling underwater metropolis that was recently built.]
Zukantani [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A city nearby the Trix Islands. It is said to be the location of a mysterious tower.]
Zetikanu City [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A city near Zizio Island. The girls there tend to wear thigh-high socks and miniskirts.]
Sharpreef Metropolis [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A gigantic city between Trix Island and Zizio Island.]
Zeidanstadt [ ??? ?] [MAP] [This city suddenly sprang up when a group of human girls discovered gold here.]

Hiara Village [Prologue] [MAP] [A coastal village where the breeze gives a sense of something coming.]
Zettonia Village [Chapter 1] [MAP] [A coastal village where fishes are caught and traded for food.]
Ziraldin Village [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A small village from where Desert Elves come from. It is near the desert.]
Urunai Village [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A silent village where nobody talks. Sign language is the only language here.]
Gaspour Village [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A village where it always rains. People wear gas masks day in and day out.]
Mountain's Edge [ ??? ?] [MAP] [Built at the edge of Mount Naou, it is a good place to grow crops.]

Seldu Villa [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A retirement village for the merfolk. It is silent, peaceful and safe.]
Jolupemblaze Village [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A small underwater village where fire can burn easily. It is mysterious.]
Villa Rania [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A small retirement village under the ocean with a beautiful view.]
Ryudonia [ ??? ?] [MAP] [Weather machines determine the weather in this underwater village. It often rains, though.]
Siastria [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A village that is just as small as Lake Buriz. It is famous for the tennis matches.]
Mikutanu Village [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A village inhabited by those who don't need oxygen to survive.]

Forsieksnaain Town [Prologue] [MAP] [A small town where people often farm.]
Zianati Town [Prologue] [MAP] The town where the very best fighters, wizards and thieves are trained at.]
Xylon Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town where nylon is produced. It is exported to other continents.]
Zumaronite Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town where elves are commonly waiting for traders.]
Port Ariao [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A port town which doesn't connect to any water routes.]
Ziar Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A port town where all girls wear miniskirts and thigh-high stockings for some reason.]
Zettai Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [Rivals with Ryouiki Town, where all girls attempt to be the most beautiful.]
Ryouiki Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [Rivalry with Zettai Town resulted in everyone participating in a beauty contest.]
Kransdorp [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town built atop a cliff. The name is in a Surfacian language, however.]
Meowbug Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town where people who are half human and half feline make their homes.]
Skomplus Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town with a massive bridge leading to the Oilorb oil derrick.]
Mii Za Town [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A massive tower in the center of the town makes it a great place to watch the stars.]
Crir [ ??? ?] [MAP] [After Zehtown was destroyed, Crir was built to replace Zehtown and to guard the Sorrow Chamber.]
Morná [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The town of trading was constructed after the first Elvanian World War as a peace action.]

Temuntown [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town under the ocean that connects four areas to each other. It stinks badly, though.]
Martown [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town that was once the ruins of an underwater city.]
Neimatown [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town where people keep their names so secret that not even they know it.]
Joltown [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The best place to hold parties at. Joltown is surrounded by electrical plants.]
Seliatown [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater town where people plant special trees to provide the planet with oxygen.]
Mormau [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater town inhabited with cats. The town's name is Sylraphian for "more meow".]

Arilari Castle [Prologue] [MAP] [The main castle of the Arilari Continent.]
Fort Tryal [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A fort where people require a pass in order to reach Carila City and Mount Naou.]
Fort Toxic [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A fort surrounded by a highly toxic gas. Entrance is not allowed to non-humans.]
Fort Virus [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A fort containing a very deadly virus. The virus never leaves the fort, oddly enough.]
Hazmatrem HQ [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The Hazardous Material Removal Squad call this place home and always wear hazmat suits.]
Chie's Castle [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The home of the Arilarian tyrant Chie. It is in a war against the Arilari Castle.]

Seahold [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater castle where the merfolk king and queen reside. It is very majestic.]
Fort Sashimi [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A fort where people commonly eat sashimi for dinner and breakfast.]
Fort Splash [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A fort filled with water most of the time. Entrance is at the top of the fort, though.]
Castle Aquatica [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A castle where the merfolk constantly have to fight to survive.]
Reptilian Fortress [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The base of the naga armies and also where most reptiles live.]

The House of 1001 Murders [Chapter 1] [MAP] [This place is rumored to be the site of thousands of murders.]
Kairi's Home [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The home of one of the Five Sages of Elvania.]
Assassin Academy [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A place for assassins to train.]
Horton Ruins [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The ruins of the hometown of a legendary hero.]
Zehtown Ruins [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The ruins of the hometown of a legendary heroine.]
Lovellin Town Ruins [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A town where a legendary hero and heroine got married before becoming evil.]
Lake Buriz [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A lake near Mount Skye. The tiny island in the center is rumored to be toxic to life.]
Raia Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A lightning-struck tower that actually reaches the space station of the planet.]
Makrua Airport [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The only airport that connects Arilari with the other continents of Elvania.]
Execution Chamber [ ??? ?] [MAP] [Criminals get executed here for all sorts of crimes, due to a lack of jails.]
Zeru Tomb [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A tomb in Stench Woods. The numerous traps here make it a deadly place.]
Glidecliff [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A cliff that connects to an underwater route. People usually use gliders to enter.]
Beacon of Home [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A massive lighthouse on the beach. The light can be seen from Roai City.]
Desperate Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A tower that people are desperately trying to destroy. All attempts have failed.]
Silverstar Hot Springs [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The only hot springs to be found on Elvania. They are very relaxing.]
Zijdenschwert Studios [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A very famous movie studio where several actors also live.]
Neozia Ruins [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The ruins of an ancient castle that was once famous for its fashion.]
Umbridge Library [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A famous library near a coastal cliff. It contains many historical books.]
Northern Skye Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The northern entrance to the highly toxic caves of Mount Skye.]
Southern Skye Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The southern entrance to the caves of Mount Skye. They contain a highly toxic ore.]
Northern Naou Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The northern entrance to the warm, spacious caves of Mount Naou.]
Southern Naou Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The southern entrance to the caves of Mount Naou. It is warm and very spacious.]
Soma Inn [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A place to spend the night at for those visiting Trix Island. However, few leave it alive.]
Zyrra [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A mysterious cave that just popped up overnight during a meteor shower.]
Arsine Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A massive tower containing a poisonous, colourless, flammable gas known as arsine.]
Cyanogen Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A gigantic tower filled with a colourless toxic gas with a pungent almond odour.]
N.O.2 Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A colossal tower full of a highly poisonous brown gas known as nitrogen dioxide.]
S.O.2 Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A tower of massive size, full of a colourless toxic gas known as sulphur dioxide.]
C.O. Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A huge tower filled with a very poisonous and also odourless gas known as carbon monoxide.]
Phosgene Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A tower full of a colourless toxic gas smelling like newly-mown hay known as phosgene.]
Teargas Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [Filled with a gas that makes people cry, people wear gas masks when inside this tower.]
Stink Castle [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A castle that permanently smells horrid. The stench can be highly toxic.]
Chill Hotel [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A hotel near Mount Cold on Noxi Island. It is very close to a beach.]
Cold Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The cave of Mount Cold. It is colder inside than outside or above the atmosphere.]
Mino Maka Inn [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An inn run by squirrel-people. It has a beautiful view of the ocean, and the mountains.]
Sorrow Chamber [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A burial site for important people. Several thousand tombs are built here.]

Seacry Ruins [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A ruined city underwater. Technology from the ruins are too advanced for Elvanians...]
Drowning Pit [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An ancient underwater execution chamber in which criminals are executed by drowning.]
Deepgeon [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater dungeon that actually connects to the other side of the Elvanian planet.]
Skull Maze [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A maze under the ocean that was constructed with bones and skulls. It is full of traps.]
Mystwave Tears [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A hidden cavern underwater which contains plenty of crystals infused with Myst.]
Oilorb [ ??? ?] [MAP] [People gather oil from this location, but the oil is very deadly to touch without hazmat suits.]
Eastern Naou Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The underwater entrance to the caverns of Mount Naou.]
Hiané Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater cavern where mysterious things occur.]
Deep Tower [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A tower that goes so deep underwater that even the oxygen becomes toxic at its depth.]
Dot Maze [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater labyrinth that makes people see dots for some reason if they're not human.]
Putrid Labyrinth [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A foul-smelling maze under the ocean that makes Kal Ella Laell City stink sometimes.]
Zerota [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater factory where chemical and biological weapons are manufactured.]
Odor Cave [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater cave that reeks of horrible smells, based on the memories of people.]

Mount Sage [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A mountain where a Sage lives. The height is enough to make people dizzy.]
Mount Skye [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A mountain so high that exploration requires oxygen masks. It is a very steep climb.]
Mount Cold [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The coldest mountain of the Arilari continent, and higher than Mount Skye.]
Mount Naou [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The lowest mountain of the Arilari continent, with a tunnel that goes to the other side.]

Raul Plains [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An area infested with monsters, but also with breathtaking scenery.]
Torai Swamp [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A huge swamp that is infested with poisonous creatures, monsters and sometimes toxic gas.]
Zoen Plains [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A grassy area between Grozz Desert and the Chill Hotel, which curves around Mount Cold.]

Ruhiedin Forest [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A dark forest filled with ancient horrors and literal Eldritch Abominations.]
Stench Woods [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A swampy forest that's very stinky! The foul odour can be toxic to most people.]

Akatu Desert [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A desert where sandstorms are common. Pyramids can be seen there.]
Grozz Desert [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A desert on Noxi Island that often reeks of smelly fish. Sandfish are common here.]

Xor Road [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A road connecting Kal Ella Laell City and Ziar Town. Raul Plains is between those areas.]
Route Mother [ ??? ?] [Drunk sailors apparently named this route, which connects Cold Cave with the Mino Maka Inn.]

Spiralsea Road [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A road surrounded by whirlpools. The tunnels are made of mithril.]
Nagini Way [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An underwater road often besieged by naga and merfolk battles.]
Roete Tien [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A route with a Surfacian name. It's the tenth constructed underwater route.]
Roete Elf [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A route with a Surfacian name. It's the eleventh constructed underwater route in Arilari.]
Ruth Rai [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A route under the seas that is often filled with magical treasure chests.]

Trix Islands [ ??? ?] [MAP] [Three islands that all have poisonous gases instead of oxygen.]
Execution Island [ ??? ?] [MAP] [The largest execution chamber is built on this island.]
Zizio Island [ ??? ?] [MAP] [An island west from the Arilari continent with a massive cliff. One can see Hurt Island.]
Hurt Island [ ??? ?] [MAP] [A tiny island between the main continent and Noxi Island, where temperatures are random.]
Noxi Island [ ??? ?] [MAP] [During the night, noxious gases waft from Trix Islands, forcing people to wear gas masks.]
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