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[SCS] Cross
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:10:27 pm »
A Grapper from Irova, Cross is cool and confident. When he activates his Glade, he stands in a pose that is similar to that of a Saiyan transforming into Super Saiyan. A lot is unknown about him.

He meets Amy in the prison where she is kept in. He knows a lot about Glitch Rifts, apparently.

Name: Cross
Surname: --
Age: --
Gender: Male
Birthday: --
Race: Irovan
Weapon: G-Con (unknown glade)
Alignment: --
Friends: --
Familiar: None

It is unknown if he has abilities.

It is unknown if he has disabilities.

Team Techs:

Known Skills:

Limit Breaks:

Source Spells:
It is unknown if Irovans can use Source Spells.
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