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[SCS] Roxas Swardt
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:05:04 pm »
Roxas is a young boy from Destiny Islands. He likes having fun with his friends, especially Claire. Little is known about him, since he is a shy person. He can summon Keyblades at will, however, if he is unable to, he can use a sword. He can turn into a Heartless at will. At one point, Nega-Lime Karjam captured him and Claire, but they managed to escape. He likes sea-salt ice cream.

Name: Roxas
Surname: Swardt
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: 7 October 1997
Race: Part human, part Heartless
Weapon: Sword, Keyblade
Alignment: Lawful
Friends: Shane, Kim, Claire
Familiar: None

His full abilities are currently unknown. He can turn into a Heartless at will and summon Keyblades.

It is unknown if he has any disabilities.

At the moment, he has no Team Techs.

It is unknown which skills he knows.

Holy Sword: Unknown (A sword pulsing with light. It is the bane of evil.)
Kingdom Key: Unknown (The most common Keyblade in existence.)

Roxas is not able to use Source Spells.
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