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[SCS] Kim Tyranto
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:03:50 pm »
Kim is a young princess from Draconia (both the planet and the kingdom) who is skilled with fire. She memorized 756 in 2011, one year later than Shane had memorized it. She is, like Shane, a shy person, but unlike Shane, she has no pets due to her mother's allergies. She saved Shane from her sisters Caitlin, Kunu and Blaze, as well as her brother Seth and his wife Sjane. She is skilled with daggers. She can bring an end if needs be, although usually she uses it to help others.

She is the Princess of the Dragon Riders, giving her the ability to chat with the Dragon Rider Prince - who happens to be Shane - through telepathy, although the telepathy is only possible when the two are in physical contact (i.e. holding hands or something). It appears that she likes Shane, but Shane doesn't know it. She first transformed into Super Inhuman form when Shane transformed the second time. It is currently unknown whether she possesses the ability to transform into Hyper or Raging Inhuman form. She does not, like Shane, have the ability to harm those who are immortal, but she doesn't have a fear of gas masks, so she doesn't run away when she sees someone wearing one.

Her Guardian is Sarah. At one point, she was possessed by her evil Alter Ego, but with the help of the Real World's Shane and Kim (Author Shane / Author Kim from here on), she came to her senses.

Name: Kim
Surname: Tyranto
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 1 June 1996
Race: Inhuman
Weapons: Dagger (Single-Wield); Daggers (Dual-Wield)
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Claire, Shane, Roxas
Familiar: None

Kim has the ability to control fire and poison, sense energy signatures and use Limit Breaks. She can wields two daggers simultaneously. She can communicate with Shane through telepathy due to being the Dragon Rider Princess. She can also summon her daggers like Keyblades. She can transform into Super Inhuman form, which grants her the ability to teleport. She can also transform into Hyper Inhuman form (making her faster) and Raging Inhuman form (making her stronger). She has the ability to create afterimages, and can control anything that happens in her and Shane's dream world. She can also control Heartless.

Healing magic doesn't affect her at all. Ice does more damage to her. If she loses her forms, she loses her senses, which may kill her. When Kim loses a battle, she gets a permanent scar that can never be removed. She doesn't have control over her rage. If she blushes, then she often sets stuff on fire by accident.

Shane: Fusion Beam; Pyrofrozenken

Fire Beam ("Pyroken"), Toxify (becomes an invisible gas that poisons people and cause machines to rust), Poison Beam ("Toxiken"), Ragnarok (summons powerful monsters and tames them somehow), Transposition (can switch places with Shane); Afterimage (Creates a copy of herself that takes an attack while moving elsewhere); Lawbane (doubles Kim's energy level for a short duration)

Royal Dagger: Unknown
Royal Dagger + Royal Dagger: Unknown

FIRE: Pyrus

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