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[TB] Claire Abbot
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:44:01 pm »
Claire is a young girl from the Draconian village of Draconii. She likes cats and clothing a lot, and has a crush on Roxas. Very little is known about her, as she is a shy girl. However, her skill with the sword at her age is amazing. She was almost born on 29 February. She can co-exist with her Dark Blade and summon Keyblades.

Name: Claire
Surname: Abbot
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: 28 February 1997
Race: Human
Weapon: Sword, Keyblade
Alignment: Chaotic
Friends: Roxas

Her full abilities are currently unknown. Her known abilities are that she is capable of using Source Cards and controlling fire. She can shapeshift and also turn into a Heartless at will, thanks to Roxas. She can summon Keyblades.

It is unknown if she has any disabilities.

At the moment, she has no Team Techs.

It is unknown which skills she knows.


FIRE: Fire Bolt; Phoenix Flare
EARTH: Earth Blast
WIND: Wind Whip
WATER: Water Slash
DARK: Dark Pulse
LIGHT: Light Pulse
POISON: Poison Beam
VOID: Void Warp, Charm
THUNDER: Thunder Strike
BLOOD: Blood Cleanse
NATURE: Nature's Revenge
SOURCE: Source Regen
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