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[TB] Desira Zane
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:53:12 pm »
Desira's backstory:

The niece of Jason Bond, Desira is a Saiyan girl from Draconia who has the ability to control poison... but it's also a disability. She is permanently surrounded by gases so toxic that it can kill people a kilometer away from her, and this is the reason why she wears a biohazard suit.

People killed by her toxic gas can't decompose. She can also track people who she killed in that way, whether intentional or accidental - making it easy to find people who were buried after she gassed them by accident. Cremating a person killed by her deadly gases is suicide, as not only will the corpses be immune, but the ones attempting the cremation will also become poisoned and die.

It is still unknown if she can transform into Super Saiyan form, and she is usually so shy that it's impossible to get information from her. She tends to spend her time inside gas chambers, meditating, since nobody ever talks to her because of her HAZMAT suit.

She is first encountered on Surfacia after Shane seals his Datascape inside his Manicle. She defeats him easily, despite his energy level being over 500 000 and her young age. Apparently, her power level is over ten billion.

She is possessed by one of the pieces of Pacen: the Toxin of Pacen.

Name: Desira
Surname: Zane
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Birthday: 10 November 2004
Race: Saiyan
Weapons: Gas Gun
Alignment: Chaotic
Friends: None
Familiar: None

Desira can control poison. Due to her biohazard suit, she's completely immune to chemicals, magic and the Draconian elements. Her power level is over ten billion. On the Draconian equivalents of 10 November, her toxic gases become healing gases instead. It is unknown whether she has other abilities.

Desira is forced to wear a biohazard suit due to being permanently surrounded by deadly gases, thus making her unable to run, go to school, and talk to others (as most people run from her in fear because of the biohazard suit). Those killed by her deadly gases can only be revived by her healing gases, which appear on the Draconian equivalents of 10 November.

None are known at this moment.

None of her skills are known.



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