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[TB] Jason Bond
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:53:04 pm »
Jason's backstory:

Jason is a Saiyan teenager from Draconia who has mastery over the element of fire. In another universe, after Shane and Kim dies, he becomes the new Dragon Rider Prince, although he receives the red manicle instead of the green one. He has a crush on Shaie.

He can transform into a Super Saiyan, which, like the anime, gives him a golden glow, turns his eyes green and makes his hair golden as well. He also has two sisters, Serena and Shara.

His Guardian is Serenity, who is obsessed with rainbows so much that it's her element and catchphrase.

Name: Jason
Surname: Bond
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: 19 June 1997
Race: Saiyan
Weapons: Sword (Single-Wield)
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Shaie Neumann
Familiar: None

His only known abilities are that he can transform into Super Saiyan form, and fly. He can also control fire.

It is unknown if he has any disabilities.

At the moment, he has no Team Techs.

It is unknown which skills he knows.

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