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[TB] Kay Neumann
« on: September 11, 2013, 05:02:11 pm »
Kay's backstory:
"... Young. Stealthy. Cute. Agile. Quiet. Lethal. That's what I consider myself to be.
I am Kay. The eldest of the remaining Neumann Inhumans of Surfacia.
I am seventeen years of age, and a skilled murderess and spy.
My parents are both full-blood humans, so how are my brother and my sisters and me Inhumans?

Kay is a teen from Earth who was adopted after her first birthday. She has the ability to control ice and darkness. She rarely wears shoes, but she always wears stockings. Her stealthiness and agility comes from three years of being at a Spy Academy in Draconia, which she began going to when she turned six. She is very protective over her youngest sister, Nicole.

When she goes out to commit murder, she always wears black, usually with a gas mask. She is very serious, as a result of having went to a Murderess Academy after she turned ten. However, odd as it seems, her brother is the most serious person, which she considers unfair.

Her favourite colour is black, green and olive.

Name: Kira Sylvia Charlotte
Surname: Neumann
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 25 February 1995
Race: Inhuman
Weapons: Sword (Single-Wield); Dagger (Single-Wield); Chemical Weapons
Alignment: Chaotic
Friends: None
Familiar: None

Kay has the ability to control ice and darkness. She is very stealthy and agile, being able to dodge attacks that even Super Inhuman 6 Nicole couldn't dodge. She can also dual-wield her weapons. She is also able to transform into Super Inhuman form. Any of her other abilities, are unknown.

Instead of healing her, healing magic poisons Kay. If she loses any of her forms, she loses her senses, which has a chance to kill her. If Nicole is attacked, she loses control over her anger, which usually results in her using all of her attacks without caring about anyone nearby who could be killed.

None of her Team Techs are currently known.

None of her skills are currently known.



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