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[TB] Luna Winchester
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:48:14 pm »
Apparently, she's a Super Inhuman. She is on a quest to find the Legendary Super Inhuman. She has a ghost in her head and she can speak several hundreds of words in one breath. In the language of the EsiŽsians, her name means 'The Daughter of Namelessness Loving the Moon with Weapons'.

She is also an ace detective and she is the only survivor of Elamoholanatikunariatazinuliettajanette llen's deadly breath, along with Gina San-Mari. She lives on one of EsiŽsia's moons.

Name: Luna 'Mu' Lucy Sue
Surname: Winchester
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: 7 January
Race: EsiŽsian Inhuman
Weapons: Unknown
Alignment: Unaligned
Friends: Unknown
Familiar: Kamali (Ghost)

Her only known ability is that she can transform into Super Inhuman form. She can also say several hundred words in a single breath. She can also create portals and summon the ghost inside her head.

Her only known disabilities are that she can't control her Super Inhuman transformations yet - they just randomly happen, and that she can go insane because of a ghostly voice in her head.

None known at this time.

Currently unknown.

Currently unknown.

It is unknown whether she knows any Source Spells at this moment.
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