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[TB] Melinda Rubīmasukushinkei
« on: September 11, 2013, 06:17:24 pm »
Melinda's backstory:

Melinda is a human girl from the planet of Mem-Braiserse Aria. She has several Kekkei Genkai techniques, most of them being related to poison or darkness. They are natural to her, and she is the only one in her clan to have those techniques.

She always carries a gas mask with built-in night vision sensors with her, mainly due to her poison techniques, but also because she likes wearing gas masks due to how they make her seem scary. Due to her hometown's strict rules and regulations, she always wears her shoes outside, never wearing them when inside any building. Very little is known about her.

Melinda has brown eyes and brown waist-length hair, which is tied in a ponytail. Her attire consists of a black hat with a dark purple ribbon on it, a pair of purple overalls, with a pink short-sleeved shirt underneath with a red collar, a pink miniskirt, black high-heeled shoes, black thigh-high stockings with white hems that have her clan's logo sewn on it, purple knee-high socks where she hides her poisoned daggers, black elbow-length gloves and purple wrist-length gloves with her clan's logo embroidered on the palms. She also has a gas mask hanging around her neck by the straps, allowing her to quickly put it on when she needs to. The gas mask has a ruby between the eyes. She carries a large purple handbag with a pink strap over her shoulder.

Melinda is of the Rubīmasukushinkei clan, of which the logo is a black gas mask. Where the eyes should be, is instead rubies. The gas mask is surrounded by purple smoke, which could represent poisonous gas.

Name: Melinda Lyra Naminé
Surname: Rubīmasukushinkei
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 16 January 1996
Race: Human
Weapons: Jutsu, Poisoned Daggers
Alignment: Chaotic
Friends: None
Familiar: None

She has several Kekkei Genkai techniques - only she can use the Blind Toxin techniques. She also appears to have the ability to teleport.

She has been cursed with the Demon Horde Seal. This seal will break when she loses control over her anger.

At the moment, she has no Team Techs.

Blind Toxin - Nerve Scent (creates a cloud of nerve gas around her that protects her like a force field and blinds those who inhale it)

As she is a human, she cannot use Limit Breaks.

- Her surname, (ルビーマスク神経 -Rubīmasukushinkei, lit. "ruby mask nerve") is a combination one of her Blind Toxin techniques and her clan logo.
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