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[TB] Nicole Neumann
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:58:03 pm »
Nicole's backstory:
"I'm a ten-year old Surfacian Inhuman! I'm Nicole Neumann! My parents are both human! I win!"

Nicole is a young girl from Earth who was adopted when she was six months of age. Her main ability is to control ice. It is easy to get Nicole to cry, however, but when she gets mad, it would be safe to run unless one has a death wish - she may be ten, but she can transform into a Super Inhuman form level 6, which is saying something considering her young age.

She has a fear of gas masks and gloves, but she wears it whenever she can in order to get over her fear - she even wears a gas mask when she goes to school. She can use any move or technique from anime, video games and cartoons, without it having a different effect. Like her brother and her sisters, she has a long name. She likes using guns and daggers.

Name: Nina Corine Lenna
Surname: Neumann
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Birthday: 25 February 2002
Race: Inhuman
Weapons: Dagger (Single-Wield); Pistols (2 Desert Eagles)
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: None
Familiar: None

Nicole can control ice. She can also copy the abilities of another being by touching them (usually by giving them a hug), thus allowing her to have several thousand abilities. She can also transform into Super Inhuman form, up to six levels.

If she is poisoned, she will also lose consciousness as long as she's poisoned. If her sisters are angry at her, she feels useless, thus causing all of her abilities to go haywire.

None are currently known.

None of her skills are currently known.



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