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[TB] Robyn Black
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:58:00 pm »
Robyn's backstory:

Robyn is a Ciraian goddess who likes Jérèmy very much. However, she wasn't a goddess until she turned 21, which was when the Ciraian goddess "Thorn" bestowed this upon her for deeds done to save Cirai from the forces of evil.

Robyn has saved Cirai more than ten times, ever since she was seven. She has managed to trick her older sister into confessing to murdering their mother when she was 7, stopped a Glorphian invasion when she was 8, save the Ciraian king from assassination when she was 9, overcame her fears of chemical and biological weapons when she was 10 so that she could stop the chemical and biological wars on the continent of Venas on Draconia (as the war could potentially have reached Cirai), successfully rescued a kidnapped princess from the Blue Blade Bandits when she was 11, constructed a school for magicians single-handedly when she was 12, survive for a year in the Frozen Wilderness when she was 13, temporarily defeat the Darksiders (a group of villains who always wear gas masks and use poisonous gases to kill people) when she was 14, create the Ciraian version of the Internet when she was 15, survived for a year while being stuck in a cage on Titan (Saturn's largest moon) while she was 16 (and eventually was saved by Sjane Handschuhklinge and Seth Tyranto), she stopped an invasion of Dark Orcs when she was 17, she rescued the Ciraian princess from the Darksiders and temporarily defeated them again when she was 18, she defeated a ten-thousand-headed dragon when she was 19, she survived a third encounter against the Darksiders when she turned 20, and the day before her 21th birthday, she defeated several fake pieces of Pacen before she was considered worthy to ascend. Said fake pieces were constructed by a mysterious foe, however, who has not yet been defeated.

Her father, Ben Black, constructs robots.

Name: Robyn
Surname: Black
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: 9 September 1991
Race: Ciraian Inhuman / Goddess of Love
Weapons: Daggers
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Jérèmy, Unnamed Ciraian King, Unnamed Ciraian Queen, Unnamed Ciraian Princess, Seth, Sjane, Sarah, "Thorn"
Familiar: None

She can charm anyone she wants - only Shane is immune, however, and she only uses this ability when necessary. She is also able to hold her breath for a full year and she can create things from thin air.

None of them are known.

None are known at this moment.

None of her skills are known.

None are known.

None are known.

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