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[TB] Rosa Meyers
« on: September 11, 2013, 06:17:20 pm »
Rosa's backstory:

Rosa is a human girl from the planet of Mem-Braiserse Aria, just three planets away from Sylraphia. She has several Kekkei Genkai techniques - they are all of the Elemental Force abilities. It is unknown how she has those abilities, although they appear to be natural.

She always carries something attributed to the Elemental Force techniques, such as rubber gloves for Lightning-based techniques, or a gas mask for Poison-based techniques. She rarely wears shoes, because of her hometown banning it from being worn inside. Very little is actually known about her.

Rosa has brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink visor and has her hair tied up into two large buns fastened with pink ribbons, and has pigtails hanging down to her knees. She wears a pink top tied with a bow around her neck like a halter top, under a emerald green and white quarter-length top with her clan's logo printed on the chest area and on the back. Along with the tops, she wears a red skirt with opaque black tights, red knee-high socks and short pink socks, where she hides her daggers. Her shoes are purple and black with green laces. She carries a large pink and white handbag with a black strap over her shoulder. She also wears black elbow-length gloves with her clan's logo embroidered on the palms. She also has a gas mask hanging from her neck by its straps, allowing her to quickly put it on when needed.

Rosa is of the Meyers clan, of which the logo is a winged girl with blue shoulder-length gloves and blue thigh-high stockings, and a blue dress - according to the Mem-Braiserse Arians, that is how the Draconian goddess Cheryl is depicted as. The logo does not move, however.

Name: Renée Olette Sharon Abigail
Surname: Meyers
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 16 January 1996
Race: Human
Weapons: Jutsu, Daggers
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: None
Familiar: None

She has several Kekkei Genkai techniques - only she can use the Elemental Force techniques. She also appears to have the ability to teleport.

Her chakra is very limited.

At the moment, she has no Team Techs.

Elemental Force - Lightning Absorb (absorbs lightning)

As she is a human, she cannot use Limit Breaks.

- This girl's birthday is also the date that she was added to The Battle.
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