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[TB] Sarah le Roux
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:57:52 pm »
Sarah's backstory:

Not much is known about this enigmatic, young, cheerful girl, other than that she's a Ciraian and a Guardian. Her brother is Jérèmy, a Ciraian god. Like most Ciraian girls, however, she likes being fashionable.

She is Shane and Kim's Guardian. She can travel to any multiverse because of this, as she is only one - there are no other Sarah le Roux's in existence. If Shane and Kim die, and the multiverse somehow survives, she becomes a human in the multiverse, as witnessed in the Little Fighter Empire variant. As a human, she still has her own abilities, however.

Name: Sarah
Surname: le Roux
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 14 April 1994
Race: Ciraian Inhuman / Guardian
Weapons: Just about every weapon in existence
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Shane, Kim, The Purple Karjam, KarjamP, everyone else who are friends of Shane and Kim
Familiar: None

Sarah can travel to multiple multiverses, clone herself, teleport, use Fourth Wall Reading and a lot more. A full list of her abilities would take even the Purple Karjam several years to figure out, if not several days or minutes.

If she dies, EVERYONE who she Guards die, including Shanes and Kims of other multiverses. She is easily distracted by clothing and all things fashion-related.

None are known at this moment.

None of her skills are known.

None are known.

None are known.

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