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[TB] Shaie Neumann
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:52:58 pm »
Shaie's backstory:
"I'm just a girl, born on Surfacia, and adopted before I was a year old.
Who am I? Let's just say that I'm my brother, with the fourth letter being ninth.
... You don't want to guess? Fine. I'm Shaie Neumann.
I'm an Inhuman, fifteen years old...
How is it that, with my parents being 100% human, I have abilities?
Who knows... but I'll do everything I can to help my brother become the best fighter in the world!"

Shaie is a teenager from Earth who was adopted when she wasn't even one year old. She controls ice. Shaie is an avid video gamer, and is shy. She is very protective over her sisters Megan, Nicole and Kay.

She commonly wears the Immortality Armor. In one universe, after her brother dies, she becomes the new Dragon Rider Princess, although she receives the green manicle instead of the red one.

Whenever Shaie uses a move or a technique from a cartoon, anime or video game, it does something entirely different. Unlike Shane, who has a major fear of gas masks, she has no fear of gas masks whatsoever, although this is probably because she wore one since she was seven.

Her Guardian is Serenity, a girl obsessed with rainbows. It's even her catchphrase and her element.

Name: Hope Dianke Selena
Surname: Neumann
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: 25 February 1997
Race: Inhuman
Weapons: Sword (Single-Wield); Sword (Dual-Wield); Dagger (Single-Wield); Bow; Keyblade
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Jason Bond
Familiar: None

Shaie can control ice, use Limit Breaks, sense energy signatures, regenerate her own energy over time, dual wield weapons, and create afterimages. She can also fly. Whenever Shaie loses any battle, her energy level's limit will double, thus allowing her to become very powerful and much harder to tire out. She can also summon a Keyblade. It is unknown whether she has other abilities.

Shaie can easily be sent flying when in normal form. Healing magic does the opposite when cast on her. Fire does more damage to her. If she loses her forms, she loses her senses, which may cause her death. She doesn't have control over her emotions.

Shane: Double Frozenken

Ice Dart, Ice Beam ("Frozenken"), Enestebi (random effect spell), Afterimage (Creates a copy of herself that takes an attack why she moves elsewhere)



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