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[TB] Shané Lambrechts
« on: September 11, 2013, 06:17:28 pm »
Shané's backstory:

Shané is a young Inhuman girl from Earth - and Shane's only non-human cousin. She has recently begun to learn about her special powers, however, which she is very wary of using just in case she gets kidnapped and scientists perform experiments on her as though she was a lab rat. Like Shane, she has a fear of many things - including gas masks. Her only friend is Crizelda van der Wet de Lange, who knows Shané's secret.

Very little is known about her, though. Her name is pronounced "Sha-nei". She doesn't mind if her name is spelled "Shanei" or "Shanay" though, but if it isn't spelled like that (or "Shané") then she gets mad.

Shané has brown eyes and long brown hair, which is tucked behind her left ear. She wears a green top tied with a bow around her neck like a halter top, under a red and white quarter-length top with the Japanese symbol for "love" (愛) printed on the chest area and the Japanese symbol for "darkness" (闇) on the back. Along with the tops, she wears a red skirt with opaque black tights. Her shoes are black with yellow laces. She carries a large yellow and black handbag with a black strap over her shoulder. The Japanese symbol for "femme fatale" (魔性の女) is printed on her handbag. She sometimes wears black gloves reaching her elbows.

Name: Shané
Surname: Lambrechts
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: 21 May 1999
Race: Surfacian Inhuman
Weapons: Keyblade
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Crizelda van der Wet de Lange
Familiar: None

She can enchant clothing to give the wearer special abilities and powers. She also has a Keyblade, and can sense things that most others can't. It is unknown what her other abilities are.

She has a fear of gas masks. It is unknown what her disabilities are.

It is unknown whether she has any team techs.

It is unknown whether she knows any skills.

It is unknown if she has Limit Breaks.

None of them are known, if she has any.

- Shané Lambrechts is the protagonist of "Hope of Shané: Frost", "Hope of Shané: Ember", "Hope of Shané: Spark", "Hope of Shané: Toxin" and "Hope of Shané: Canon".
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