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[SCS] Shane Neumann
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:01:16 pm »
Shane's backstory:
"Some say that destiny has a funny way of choosing heroes... My name... Shane Neumann. I am a fighter with abilities that I don't understand how I could have gotten them. Am I human? Or alien? I guess I'll never know. I'm a neutral teen at the age of sixteen. How did I come to possess the abilities to control ice? How is it possible that I can use a sword perfectly, with no training? My wish... is to find out how this is possible. Maybe I'll make new friends, maybe not. Who knows? All I know is, I have to find out."

Shane is a teenager from Earth who is known for his ability to control ice. He doesn't want to but this ability just surfaced when someone threw him with ice cubes. Shane is a skilled video gamer, and also memorized 756 out of boredom in Maths class in June 2010. Very little is known about him, as he is a shy person. He is very fond of his cat.

His story begins when someone attempts to murder him. His family all were murdered, and he and his cat are the only survivors. It was then when someone saved him from his death. He remembers the person who saved him saying that they would meet again in better circumstances, and that Shane has to train with his ability, although he had no idea what she was talking about. The day after the murders, Shane discovered what abilities he had: he could control ice, and his swordsteenship was exceptional. Shane later learned that it was Kim who saved him. Shane has 28 fears, most of which are perplexing. Shane also abandoned his Cave Story mods because of the murders. Until he avenges his family, he will not rest.

Shane is the Dragon Rider Prince and thus has the ability to communicate through telepathy with the Dragon Rider Princess, who happens to be Kim, although the telepathy is only possible when the two are in physical contact (i.e. holding hands or something). He doesn't know that Kim likes him, however, because he is oblivious to love. However, this could be false because he actually cried when Nega-Lime Karjam tried to strangle Kim.

Shane transformed into a Super Inhuman when his cat was murdered by the Nega-Lime Karjam, but lost the ability to do so when the Purple Karjam brought Simba back to life. Is Simba able to suppress Shane's ability? Whichever it was, Shane is also able to transform into a Hyper Inhuman as well as a Raging Inhuman, which he transformed into when Nega-Lime Karjam tried to strangle Kim. If he loses his Raging Inhuman form, he loses his sight. If he loses his Hyper Inhuman form, he loses his hearing ability. If he loses his Super Inhuman form, he loses his ability to speak. If he loses all three abilities, he dies.

Whenever Shane uses a move or a technique from a cartoon, anime or video game, it does something entirely different. For instance, when he attempted to do the Kamehameha Wave, he fired nuclear bubbles instead. He has the ability to deal damage to those who are immortal, no matter what. He has a major fear of gas masks, and just hearing the words will lead to him running like hell, usually shouting "I DON'T WANT TO BE EATEN!" It is unknown why he fears gas masks that much.

His Guardian is Sarah. At one point, he was possessed by his evil Alter Ego, but with the help of the Real World's Shane and Kim (Author Shane / Author Kim from here on), he came to his senses.

Name: Shane
Surname: Neumann
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 25 February 1996
Race: Inhuman
Weapons: Sword (Single-Wield); Sword (Dual-Wield)
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Claire, Kim, Roxas
Familiar: Simba

Shane has the ability to control ice and lightning, create a force field that does nothing to his allies, regenerate his own energy over time, sense energy signatures, and use Limit Breaks. He can also wield two swords at the same time. Shane also has technopathy, allowing him to control technology. Due to being the Dragon Rider Prince, he can telepathically communicate with Kim. He can also summon his swords like Keyblades. Shane can also transform into Super (3), Hyper (1) and Raging (1) Inhuman forms. And he can create illusions. Special attacks from video games and anime and cartoons do different things when Shane uses them. In Super Inhuman form, he can teleport. Shane has the ability to create afterimages, and he can gain dominance over souls due to having absorbed Soma Cruz's soul. Shane also can control anything that happens in his and Kim's dream world. He also has the ability to harm those who are immortal, thus making him useful against foes who are wearing the Immortality Armor. He can also control Heartless.

Shane can easily be sent flying when in normal form. Healing magic does the opposite when cast on him. Fire does more damage to him. If he loses his forms, he loses his senses, which may cause death. Whenever Shane loses any battle, he gains a permanent scar that can't be removed. He fears gas masks so much that just hearing the words cause him to panic. He also doesn't have any control over his rage.

Kim: Fusion Beam; Pyrofrozenken

Ice Dart; Ice Beam ("Frozenken"), Lightning Beam ("Sparkoken"), Shadow Strike (disappear into the ground and attack opponent before returning to original location), Frozen Lightning Beam ("Frozensparkoken," fires a beam of lightning and ice), Nuclear Bubble ("Kamehameha"), Transposition (can switch places with Kim); Afterimage (Creates a copy of himself that takes an attack while moving elsewhere); Chaosbane (doubles Shane's energy level for a short duration)

Royal Sword: Ice Storm (Sword found in a treasure chest in a forest near Huazli. Has the Draconian royal insignia.)
Daimeni's Edge: UNKNOWN (Sword crafted by a monster's half-brother. Given to Shane by the monster in a desert.)
Soul of Caris: Zone of Ruin (Sword given to Shane by Sarah after a dream. Apparently made by Chris and Carrie.)
Royal Sword + Daimeni's Edge: Magic Hour
Oathkeeper & Oblivion: UNKNOWN
  • (Legendary Twinblades once wielded by Nicole Neumann, who gave it up for Shane to be able to unlock his full power.)
FIRE: Pyrus
EARTH: Terra
WIND: Ventus
WATER: Aquos
DARK: Darkus
LIGHT: Lumos
SOURCE: Telekinetic Force
FUSION: Elemental Storm (Pyrus + Terra + Ventus + Aquos + Darkus + Lumos)

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