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Shane Neumann
« on: April 24, 2013, 11:09:47 am »
Shane was first mentioned in Karjam's Domain by the Purple Karjam. Later, Taylor experiences a Dimensional Scream where she sees Nega-Lime Karjam boasting about his plans to kill Shane. It is then revealed that Shaun Engiabo is Shane's Nobody. According to legends of worlds that the Purple Karjam had visited, Shane and a princess named Kim Tyranto are both special beings, in addition to being the Dragon Rider Prince and Princess. Vicky attempted to scan for Shane's location, but found one in Australia and one in a location labeled as "Unknown" - the one in the "Unknown" location was the one that they seek. Vicky proposed going there, but the Purple Karjam thought that he is somehow shielded from that map, which is why it's marked unknown. Two mysterious cloaked figures appeared and teleported them to Castle Oblivion, and the Purple Karjam called them the other Nobodies of Shane and Kim. According to the girl, Shane and Kim are the most unique Inhumans in that they've got three Nobodies each, excluding themselves - meaning that Shane and Kim has four Nobodies in total.

KarjamP said that the Shanes and Kims from other worlds have powers potent enough to destroy their entire universe, and the Purple Karjam said that the Shanes of other worlds didn't know they had Nobodies, initially.

Shane has yet to make an physical appearance in Variant H of the Battle, and Shane has not yet been mentioned since.
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