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[TB] Sparkle Uchiha
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:37:50 pm »
Sparkle is a young Inhuman girl from Earth, from the future - the year 2035. She has a morbid fear of gas masks, and is skilled with controlling the elements of data, fabric and fire. She is peculiar in that she always wears two pairs of socks and gloves, no matter what. She also hides a gas mask in her jacket, despite being afraid of them. And she also hides her daggers in her socks.

She likes listening to Daniel Bedingfield's songs.

She has a kekkei genkai known as "Miñakugan". Her eyes turn a blank green colour with no irises when she uses it, and she can detect lies and secret passages.
She also has another kekkei genkai known as "Soryuñaken". Her eyes turn a blank blue colour with no irises when she uses it, which allows her to copy any magical attacks from enemies.
Her third kekkei genkai, "Hon'yaku no Mekugan", allows her to instantly translate any language into another language. Her eyes' irises and pupils turn into the Kanji for "Eye of Translation" (翻訳の目).

She was exclusive to the Alternate Battle.

Her hair is brown, and her eyes green.
Normally, she wears a pink tube top, a denim jacket, a red miniskirt, black thigh-high stockings, black elbow-length gloves, and red hi-heels. She has a silver tiara on her head, and around her neck is a silver crescent-shaped necklace.

On her left arm is a device that shows holographs with information in it. Her Datawrist (something that people get when they lose their hands) also functions as a sort of medical kit, a music player and even a database of everything she has encountered or things from her life.
She sometimes wears gas masks. Her own gas mask is a brown and orange/gold colour and only covers her nose and mouth.

Name: Sparkle Amy Michelle
Surname: Uchiha
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Birthday: 1 June 2024
Race: Inhuman
Weapons: Dagger (Single-Wield); Dagger (Dual-Wield); Dagger (throwing weapon)
Alignment: Chaotic-Lawful
Friends: Unknown

She controls Data, Fabric and Fire. She can conjure any sort of fabric up.

She is allergic to bees, and she has a morbid fear of gas masks.


Miñakugan - allows the user to detect any lies, also see secret passages. Is a bloodline technique.
Soryuñaken - allows the user to copy any magical attacks. Is a bloodline technique.
Hon'yaku no Mekugan - allows the user to translate anything from one language to another.


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