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Re: Destiny of the Minara Alliance
« on: September 07, 2013, 01:25:51 pm »
I have a book of game design.

Let me help you a bit:

What do you want the theme to be on?
Hard to explain.
The protagonist finds herself in prison, which appears to have been besieged.
Then, after trying to leave and losing consciousness due to having been poisoned by a slime monster thing, she wakes up in a crystal world... and then, a timer starts ticking for her to get to the center of the room before she dies from being poisoned (again). (There are some points where she has to jump over crevices.)
After she gets there, she is teleported to the Minara Islands, on Elvania. The location is marked by an oasis in the map below.

She then goes to a nearby cave, and finds a hidden group known as the Minara Alliance.
... After a long meeting, two new characters join the party - Hayden and Renée - and... well, I dunno what happens then, I haven't tested that far yet. :-[
I think I already implemented a day-system of sorts (i.e. resting at the inn or at HQ on a Monday changes the in-game day to Tuesday, and resting at HQ or an inn on a Tuesday makes the in-game day turn into a Wednesday).
And at some point I had planned for Hayden (whose in-game name can't be changed) to betray the Alliance.
That's all I can remember from the top of my head without opening RPG Maker VX Ace Lite.

There is also plans for a bonus area that is inside a poisonous swamp, leading to a tower which is full of poisonous gases.
And also a group of five bosses that must be defeated, apparently. They all have 20 000 HP, and most of their stats are 999. (Which probably should change.)

Is it experience based, or truth based (that is, an moral that everyone believed in, like "Love always triumph everything, no matter what happens" (in a romantic story) )?
I don't know yet :-[

Also, I have the full version of the software, with a lot less limitations and the ability to customize the game using a real scripting language (like, you could make the battle system resemble Pokemon, resemble Final Fantasy, etc.).

Let me know if you need my help.
I will, thanks...
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