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Re: Board Rules / Sign-Up
« on: December 11, 2013, 07:25:15 pm »
Heck, in a couple of continuities, Shane gets a Pikachu who can use ice-type moves (and which he'll usually name "Raichu") and Kim Tyranto (Shane's fictional girlfriend who's a princess of a planet nation called "Draconia") a Pikachu that can use fire-type moves.
It does? :o
So basically, Kim and Raichu are everywhere? D:

The Purple Karjam (one of my characters in the games) has a Zoroark named Loki that was often used to retcon away stuff. (Although nowadays, he doesn't appear often.)
He does? :o

Wait, but Pikachu can't use Fire or Ice-type moves... :o
Normally, that is.

Remember the Surfing Pikachu that can be optained for nearly any gen?

Pikachu can't naturally learn Surf.
Wait, WHAT? :o

Oh, and Yui, your board has been created.
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