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Re: Board Rules / Sign-Up
« on: July 29, 2013, 03:47:23 pm »

I'll join. Soumya also wishes to join this, but she's a lazy butt and so I will control her AND my characters.
Okay then...

5 ppl then. Good. But we can start once I'm done with all the TEKTEKs and stuff.
Nope. We can start when we are done with all that :P
I haven't started yet. :(

I will reset their powers from the start, meaning they have weak skills, weak weapons, no transformations, no Rider manicles, and are absolutely NOT godmodded or OP or Mary Sue/Gary Stu.
Well, one thing goes as I had wished...
MWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH-- *gets struck by gold*

Variant L-Shane has no idea of his powers, and he's similar to real me (physically weak and such) so he's basically weak.
Variant L-Kim, however, knows of her powers. However, she keeps it secret because she's on Earth and is trying to blend in with the humans.

I will post transformations when I earn them in the battle. Same with everyone else.
Aye, I will do so as well (posting transformations).
I'll just do them in new posts in the character's threads, though.
If Shane gets Super Inhuman form, for example, I'll make a new post in the "Shane Neumann" thread.
(He won't get it already, by the way. It's far too early and he's too weak to gain it so quickly. :P)

And yes, I win.
(Don't know what I win, but I win anyway because I don't win after I won what I didn't win. :P)
If you're confused, I win. If you're not confused, I lose. Either way I'm random! XD
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