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Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green
« on: October 03, 2013, 09:12:51 pm »
There's a battle to be won
And we're gonna join
No more time to watch a 'mon
Then it becomes time
For a major fight
Then we are all going to rock the world
Until there's peace, we won't give up
And will be heroes forever...

One! Two! Three! Four!

Never, never, never surrender!
We're not gonna give in!
Seven days and seven nights of fighting evil
Our quest to protect existence has begun!
There's a battle to be won, a battle to be won!

Welcome to planet Earth
Where I have grown up
Never chaotic, always peace,
Nobody ever bothered to fight.

On a way, locations unknown,
The powers of evil, struck at once,
Powerless to stop it, then,
Recovering swiftly, I came to.

Never, never, never surrender!
We're not gonna give in!
Seven days and seven nights of fighting evil
Our quest to protect existence has begun!
There's a battle to be won, a battle to be won!

Meeting new allies, my quest has begun,
Going on a journey, saving life,
Nobody can stop us, we stay standing,
Evil will not stay in our way.

We are fighting Dreamers, time to fight some monsters!
Fighting ninjas, and even more monsters,
Fighting monkeys, and making jokes of everything!
Over on the planet of Earth now.

Get here, fight now!
Time to fight back, for what is right!
Fight evil, protect good!
Dreamers, ninjas, monkeys and monsters!
Protect Earth, travel a lot!
The truth will always be revealed!
Fight there, fight here!
Time to unleash a Fire Fang!

Never, never, never surrender!
We're not gonna give in!
Seven days and seven nights of fighting evil
Our quest to protect existence has begun!
There's a battle to be won, a battle to be won!

And thus it's our destiny, destiny,
Protecting the allies of light!
Nobody can stop us!
The Battle, Red and Green!

Variant L
Episode 1

Voice: "Shane. Shane. Shane. Shane. Shane."

He was in an empty area surrounded by stars.

Shane: "Who are you? Show yourself! Please."

Slowly, a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes appeared. She wore a green evening dress with long green gloves, and green knee-high boots.

Girl in Green: "You are ready for your destiny."
Shane: "I'm sorry, what?"
Girl in Green: "You are ready for your destiny. I cannot tell you my name, for I am not allowed to tell you until... she is with you."
Shane: "Who? Who is this person you're talking about?"

The girl vanished, fading away out of sight. Everything went black. Then, slowly, he woke up in a warm bed. He opened his eyes.

Shane: "... Huh? Wh-where am I...?"

He tried moving. His leg hurt. His arms hurt as well. His neck hurt even worse. The door opened and a girl entered. Shane quickly pretended to go to sleep again.

Girl: "...? Still not awake. It looks like my boss is going to be happy about this... but I'll just give him this shot and--"
Shane: "D-don't eat me..."
Girl: "...! Y-you're... awake...!"

Shane felt a hand on his shoulder.

Girl: "Hey..."

Shane ignored her. He doesn't talk to people who wore masks, and the girl wore one. And she held a needle. He's afraid of both needles and headgear.

Girl: "Look, I know you're awake, sir."

Shane frowned. He was just seventeen, and nobody liked him. Who would suddenly call him "sir" anyway?

Girl: "... Fine, be that way."
Shane: "P-please... d-don't eat me..."
Girl: "What? ... Why in the world would I want to eat you?"
Shane: "S-scary... d-don't... please... d-don't eat me..."
Girl: "... S-s-scary?! I'll have you know that I am not a scary girl at all! I'm beautiful... wait, you're... really shivering... with fear..."

The girl brushed Shane's hair out of his face.

Girl: "C-can you please tell me why you think I'm scary?"
Shane: "H-headgear... sharp object... p-please... I don't w-want to be eaten..."

The girl gasped.

Girl: "Y-you're... scared of a HAT? ... Wait, I'm wearing a surgical mask, aren't I? I'll take it off."

Shane heard movement. It stopped after three minutes.

Girl: "Okay, you can open your eyes now, sir scared-of-masks."

The girl gave a nervous giggle as Shane opened his eyes again. He was still shivering, but there was no signs of the mask or needle.

Girl: "So, you're finally awake. Do you have any idea how worried I was?"
Shane: "Wh-who are y-you?"
Girl: "Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. Sorry, it's just... you were scared of me because of the mask and the needle, so... Anyway. I'm Kim. Kim Tyranto. I'm a nurse here. And also assigned to this room, to take care of the patient. Which would be you."

She winked. Shane frowned again. He felt worried now.

Kim: "So, what's your name?"
Shane: "Sh-Shane. N-Neumann... Wh-what happened? Wh-why am I here?"
Kim: "Don't you remember being in an accident of some sort?"
Shane: "N-no..."

At the sound of this, Kim began to frown. She sat on the edge of the bed, and looked at Shane. Only then did Shane notice that she had green eyes, which ruled out the possibility that she was the one in his dream, in the green dress. She took a deep breath and began to talk.

Kim: "Well, you see... there was a big traffic accident thirty-one days ago. Of all the thirty-one cars in that accident, you were the only survivor. Every one else... dead. You're lucky, you know. The only one who survived... and even so, you were badly injured. Multiple bone fractures, both arms were broken as well as your leg... but don't worry, it looks like you're healing rapidly. The bones were set just twelve days ago and you've already made a quick recovery. I bet you'll be discharged in a few more days. In fact, I was the one who performed the surgery, and I'm amazed that you've recovered so fast."
Shane: "... Th-th-thanks...? ... So, what... am I the 'Teen who Lived' now...?"
Kim: "Huh? Teen? Wait, you mean... you're a teenager?"
Shane: "Yeah. S-seventeen years old, last I checked... what's the d-date?"
Kim: "Oh, uh, 31 October 2013. And I'm also a seventeen-year old. I'm basically a prodigy."
Shane: "... Urk..."
Kim: "You feeling okay?"
Shane: "... D-don't feel well... probably b-because I didn't eat a thing for thirty-one d-days?"
Kim: "Don't worry. The hospital's done something about that, but I guess it's understandable if you're hungry. I'll go make you something. What would you like? Toast? Bacon and scrambled eggs?"
Shane: "... J-just bacon, th-thanks..."

Kim got up slowly and left the room. Fifty minutes later, she returned with a plate. She gave it to Shane.

Kim: "I'll help."
Shane: "N-no, it's okay. I'll be okay..."

Shane took the knife and fork and started to eat the bacon. In less than ten minutes, he finished. Kim stared at him, a shocked expression on her face.

Kim: "You eat fast."
Shane: "Huh? Oh... I always do... I'm... always in a... hurry... and bored... right now."
Kim: "... Well, you'll be bored until you're discharged, I'm afraid. There's nothing to do here, that I know of."
Shane: "Aww... I'll die of boredom..."
Kim: "By the way, it looks like you'll be discharged in two more days. You know where you live, right?"
Shane: "Yep."
Kim: "I'll escort you home. My older sister can take us there. Tomorrow's my final day, as it happens, since I only took this job temporarily. I did it to get a little pocket money, you see."

Shane groaned. He didn't want to wait but what choice did he have?

Kim: "Relax, you at least have a TV to watch."
Shane: "... Well, I missed so many episodes of the things I watch that it's useless..."
Kim: "Huh?"
Shane: "If I miss a certain amount of episodes of my favourite television shows, I stop watching it. And I've certainly missed more than three episodes of Pokémon, Naruto, Monsuno, Monk... oh darn, I missed the final episodes of Monk and Monsuno!"
Kim: "... Well... a lot has happened. Monk solved the case of Trudy's murder, Monsuno continued into its second season, the remaining episodes of Naruto are mostly filler arcs, and Pokémon... well, a Regigigas sure is terrifying, isn't it?"
Shane: "... Isn't there something I could read?"
Kim: "Magazines?"
Shane: "They bore me."
Kim: "Well, I could see what I can find..."

She left the room. Shane closed his eyes. Who was that girl in green? Was it just a dream? He barely heard a voice.

Shane: "Huh?"
Kim: "You spaced out a bit. Something on your mind?"
Shane: "I had a weird dream, that's all."
Kim: "Here."

Kim gave Shane a book. He looked at the cover. It was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Kim: "It belongs to me, but you can have it."
Shane: "I have one at home, you see, so I'll just borrow this then until I get home. If that's okay with you?"

Kim smiled.

Kim: "Yeah, it's okay."

Shane had spent twenty-three hours reading the book, which shocked Kim greatly. She had no idea he could read that fast. She had bought him a pen and an exam pad so that he could try to draw people and things. Then, the following day, the door opened as a girl with a familiar face entered. She held an umbrella in her gloved hands.

Kim: "Hey, Shane!"
Shane: "... Morning..."
Kim: "You don't sound enthusiastic about this."
Shane: "Of course not. I'm entirely confused."
Kim: "About what?"
Shane: "Because... this isn't Gansbaai, this is Hermanus. I don't remember anything of the day of the accident. My memory... just one large blank gap between September and when I woke up."
Kim: "I believe it's normal."

Kim winks as she helps Shane get up from bed (he felt worried again). Shane had trouble walking well, even though his leg has regenerated completely. It was raining hard against the windows.

As they left, however, they met a man on the way to the car of Kim's sister. He had a scar over the right eye.

Man: "Hey, you, girl. Come with me."
Kim: "Sorry, no, I'm supposed to be escorting my friend to his home."
Man: "This will just take a second."

Shane realized something looked odd about this man. He had seen the guy before...

Kim: "Sorry, but no."
Man: "C'mon, it'll be fast."
Shane: "No means no."
Man: "Who asked you, punk?"

Shane gasped. This guy was a criminal. He had escaped from a prison in Cape Town recently, and killed three guards in the process. It was on the news... he remembered that perfectly.

Shane: "Kim... call the police."
Kim: "What?"
Shane: "He's a wanted criminal and an escaped prisoner..."

Kim hurriedly took her cell phone but the man ran towards her!

Man: "You're gonna die now, girls!"

Shane was taken aback by this comment; he never had a chance to get a haircut.

Shane: "Hey! I am not female!"

Shane stepped in front of Kim to defend her from the attacks of the man. A punch aimed at him was ducked. Shane countered with a kick to the stomach, which made the criminal stagger.

Kim: "Shane!"
Shane: "Don't worry, I'm not hurt yet... ah! My arm..."
Kim: "You're still too weak, Shane!"
Shane: "I'm... not giving up!"

The man quickly grabbed Shane by the neck and threw him towards the wall. Then he took a gun and shot Shane with it several times.

Man: "Hah! Your friend is now dead... and SO ARE YOU!"
Shane: "O-oh no... y-you d-don't...!"

Shane threw a rock that was nearby to the man, using the last of his strength. It hit the man squarely on the nose.

Voice: "Not so fast."
Man: "Huh? I'm supposed to kill these two kids!"

The man turned around to find a guy dressed entirely in purple.

Guy in Purple: "Goodbye."

With a snap of his fingers, Shane's wounds were healed entirely, the bullets magically disappearing! The criminal also disappeared from view, as though he had turned invisible. The guy in purple turned to face a shocked Kim and an angry Shane.

Shane: "Where is he?"
Guy in Purple: "He has been teleported into jail. In fact, if he tries to escape he will suffocate, for his jail is an intergalactic one. Of course, everyone will believe that he committed suicide, because I will it so."
Kim: "Y-y-you..."

The guy in purple started levitating, and began to fly away.

Shane: "OH NO YOU DON'T!"

It was too late, however. The guy in purple was already gone.

Kim: "Wh-what was... that about?"
Shane: "I... I don't know... but... for some reason... it doesn't hurt..."
Kim: "What? Your wounds are gone..."
Shane: "Yeah... C'mon, let's just leave already."
Kim: "Okay."

Kim and Shane got into the car after it had arrived...

Meanwhile, in the skies...

Guy in Purple: "They fell for it. They believed every lie I've told them. Who? Oh, the Purple Karjam? I doubt he knows. Considering this galaxy is immune to fourth-wall reading, he'll have to have been an eye witness to know. Nega? Oh, no, Nega-Lime Karjam has no idea as well. In fact... those two kids I encountered... they're unique. And I mean more in one way... I understand, Rzlrazulzrlmnqural. Yes, that criminal human being will do nicely for my evil plans to destroy them before it happens in this universe as well... Goodbye."

The guy in purple turned his phone off.

Guy in Purple: "Primitive, these human beings are, to believe a lie so quickly. And these devices? Outdated where I'm from... and it is foretold that several other heroes and heroines will arrive to join those two kids on their journey. I am to wait for that... ha ha."

Back at Shane and Kim, a few hours later...

Shane: "Thanks again, ms. Tyranto."
Kim: "Please, call her Blaze. She's just three years older than me."
Blaze: "No problem. So who's going to take care of you?"
Shane: "Huh?"
Kim: "You were the only survivor of that accident, remember. I'm guessing your parents travelled with you?"
Shane: "... Probably, as I'm not allowed to leave home without their permission... but... they're...?"
Blaze: "Yes. Looking at the wreckage, it looks to me as though... this was all premeditated. In other words..."
Shane & Kim: "It was planned?"
Blaze: "I'm afraid so. Say, Kim? That incident you described... with the magic-using guy... don't tell anyone."
Kim: "Got it."
Blaze: "You're not to tell ANYONE about that. Neither are you."
Shane: "I understand. People here would think I'm crazy, I guess."
Kim: "Yeah, that's true."
Shane: "Besides, everyone in my home town hates me. So much that they've even tried killing me a couple of thousand times..."
Blaze: "A couple of-- WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL THE POLICE?!"
Shane: "They hate me as well. And also corrupt."
Blaze: "I'll have to bring this to the attention of my superiors, I believe."
Shane: "Hey, I wasn't serious about that!"
Blaze: "Don't joke about things like that!"
Shane: "Sorry... but--"
Blaze: "In any case, I'll be going now. Take good care of him, okay?"
Shane: "Wait, what?"
Kim: "What? You're leaving me here?"
Blaze: "Of course. It's an order. You're the only person I can trust with this. Caitlin's too young and Kunu has college AND university to worry about."
Kim: "Caitlin's just 11, yeah, but Kunu's 16."
Shane: "... Uhh... does that mean she has to order me around?"
Blaze: "If she wants to, sure. But you live here, right? So it's your house. You can order HER around if you'd like."
Shane: "Okay!"
Kim: "Uh oh..."
Shane: "I order you to... order yourself."
Blaze: "Well... wait, what?"
Kim: "... I don't follow."
Shane: "Just make yourself at home, something like that. Think of it as your own, I suppose. I don't like ordering people around. Except myself, but that's for when I'm too lazy to do what I want to."
Kim: "Oh... Thanks, then. Will you be bringing my stuff from home?"
Blaze: "Sure thing, sis."

Blaze got in the car and drove off.

Kim: "And here I thought I was going to have to wear a maid uniform..."
Shane: "Do as you like, Kim."
Kim: "So I can terrorize you?"
Shane: "Uh, please--"
Kim: "Relax, I'm joking. I won't terrorize you deliberately."
Shane: "... Oh."

Shane entered his house, Kim following.

Kim: "You know, this place is a bit small."
Shane: "My parents had plans to add on to the house, but... it's pretty expensive."
Kim: "No worries. ... Where's your bed? I only see the one. Or do you sleep on the couch?"
Shane: "... Actually, above the couch, near the roof. Got a lot of head injuries though, stupid wooden beams... but I guess until my leg and arms are fully healed, I'm going to have to lie on the couch."

Kim suddenly squealed.

Kim: "Wow! A 1920 by 1080 screen! AWESOME!"
Shane: "... Well... that's with luck. Computers are expensive, but I got my current one for about one thousand rand. I think. If I remember correctly. Was in 2011... Urk. I'm going to be spending a lot more time here than usual."
Kim: "Why?"
Shane: "Nothing to watch, remember?"
Kim: "Shane, do you have Internet access?"
Shane: "Why? It's too slow for YouTube, I'm afraid. Mostly."
Kim: "It's just... there's a whole bunch of forums I'd like to join. There's this guy on some of them named Shane, who goes by 'S Bane N' on some of them--"
Shane: "Wait, 'S Bane N'...?"
Kim: "Yeah, apparently stands for 'Shane Bane Neumann' according to... that... guy..."
Shane: "Huh? Could you repeat--"
Kim: "No way! YOU'RE the legendary Shane or S Bane N?! THE guy with eleven Cave Story mods?"
Shane: "... No? That wasn't me, it was someone impersonating me. I found out about it some time ago, and resolved the issue. Since then, though, the impostor gave me permission to work on those mods and fanfics."
Kim: "I see... Wait, impersonating?"
Shane: "Yeah. Just to ruin my reputation, apparently. Whoever it was, though... appears to have disappeared... and succeeded. I was going to say it after we arrived, but your sister cut me off."

Kim hugs Shane.

Shane: "Uh?"
Kim: "Sorry. Had I known, I wouldn't have brought it up."
Shane: "Nah, it's okay. The truth did come out, after all.. The truth will always be revealed, no matter what!"
Kim: "You remember back at the hospital, right? You told me you had a weird dream?"
Shane: "Yeah, I remember. The dream was scary, too."
Kim: "Tell me about it, please."
Shane: "Um, okay... I was standing in an empty void with stars."
Kim: "In other words, outer space."
Shane: "Probably. Anyway, it'll go quicker if I'm not interrupted."
Kim: "Sorry."
Shane: "A mysterious girl appeared, saying that I'm ready for my destiny, and mentioning that there's someone else who should be with me, only then would she say her name. She looked similar to you, just with brown eyes and green clothes."
Kim: "Was it a green dress with gloves and knee-high boots?"
Shane: "... How'd you know?"
Kim: "I guess you've found 'her', then. The one who is to accompany you, apparently."
Voice: "Excellent. You have found each other. Now..."

A girl appeared suddenly, wearing a green dress, gloves and knee-high boots.

Girl in Green: "... I can tell you my name now. I am... Sarah le Roux. And I am... going to kill you."
Shane: "Gah!"
Kim: "What?!"
Shane: "Another one after our blood?! Just what is going on here?"
Kim: "We're doomed, she's... able to vanish, so... I guess this is goodbye--"
Shane: "I object! It's not over..."

Shane quickly leapt to his feet and grabbed a pack of cards from a nearby table.

Shane: "I'm not gonna hold back, I'll do what I can! Kim, run as fast as you can!"
Kim: "No. I'm not going to run. Not this time."
Shane: "Look, Kim--"
Sarah: "Let her do what she wants to, Shane."
Kim: "I have no choice, Shane. It's either us both or neither of us."
Shane: "... In that case, I probably ought to get a deck for you as well."
Sarah: "I'm sorry, what? A deck? You're... going to fight me... using cards? Ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fool! This isn't Castle Oblivion, you know, this is your home!"
Shane: "I'm a duelist, and while I may not believe in the so-called 'heart of the cards', I believe that I will do what I can do protect my friends!"
Kim: "Shane..."
Sarah: "You don't stand a CHANCE against me. Duel? Hah. I don't play childish card games. Even if I did, I'm more powerful than you two think. I can easily make those cards' effects and such real. Enervating Mist? Pretty easy for me to create. Dark Magician? I can easily make him come to life to annihilate you all. You're doomed, both of you."
Kim: "... We have no chance, Shane. We're as good as dead."
Shane: "Look, I refuse to give up!"
Sarah: "Maybe I ought to torture you two... by teleporting you to the Venas continent of Draconia, where you'll suffocate and die painfully!"
Kim: "N-no! P-please! Anything but that darn continent! I don't want to go there!"
Shane: "...! Y-you... you know what she is talking about?"
Sarah: "Oh, ha ha ha! You haven't even told him yet, have you, princess?"
Shane: "What on Earth are you talking about?"
Kim: "N-n-no... I haven't..."
Sarah: "Good. Then my orders remain - to kill you two. After all, I've been ordered to kill you both if that boy finds out, and only to kill him if not. However, he survived that car accident, and was taken to the hospital you were temporarily working at, princess. I had to do something. And how better than planting dreams in your minds to make you think that you are ready for your destinies... when in fact, you were going to die! That way, everyone on Draconia would think that you were planning on revealing its existence to Surfacia!"
Kim: "... Y-you were behind that accident...?"
Sarah: "Yeah. Also, I buried your pets alive, Shane."
Shane: "Wh-what?!"
Sarah: "Sad, but true. I hate animals. Especially that so-called 'cute' cat with the ginger-and-black coloration. What was the name... Simba, was it?"

Shane immediately closed his eyes. Slowly the ground started shaking. Shane stepped out of the house. Kim ran after him, and Sarah teleported to the outside.

Sarah: "... Didn't know Gansbaai experienced earthquakes..."
Shane: "......"
Kim: "Shane..."
Shane: "...... Grrrrr..."
Kim: "... Shane?"
Shane: "Grrroaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!"
Kim: "Ieeeeeea!"
Sarah: "What the?!"

A red aura surrounded Shane, who now had two tails. He turned around. His eyes had turned entirely red, his teeth were even sharper than that of a tiger, his nails had turned into claws and he was on all fours. The ground finally stopped shaking when his clothes turned red.

Kim: "M-m-monster!"
Sarah: "That can't be! B-but... how...?! H-he's just a fool! A Surfacian! A human!"
Shane: "Grrr... GRRRRROOOAAAAARRRRR... Grrrr..."

Seven more tails appeared. Now Shane had nine tails.

Sarah: "What in the?!"
Kim: "He's... possessed by a nine-tailed demon fox...? B-but that's impossible...!"

A small bolt of energy appeared at all nine tails, and all those bolts were swallowed by Shane. Then he breathed fire at Sarah, who teleported away to dodge.

Sarah: "... This is not even possible!"
Kim: "N-no..."

A weird mark appeared over his right eye, a strange-looking pattern. His hair grew in a way that it covered both of his eyes. Slowly his nails returned to normal, and he got up again.


A pillar of fire struck Kim from below, however, she absorbed the flames instead of being harmed by it.

Kim: "... Shane... please... fight back against it... I... I beg of you..."
Shane: "Grrrr... GGGRRROOOAAARRR! You arrre... going to... rrregrrret yourrr actions... le Rrroux..."
Sarah: "Ack!"
Kim: "Shane...?"
Shane: "Stay back, Tyrrranto... I might harrrm you forrr I have no contrrrol overrr this incrrredible powerrr... GGGRRRROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRR!"
Kim: "Shane, please, don't! You could destroy the entire town! And you're still recovering from the wounds you've got from that accident and that strange guy..."
Sarah: "Wait, what strange guy?"
Shane: "GGRRROOOOAAAAARRRRRR! Do not rrremind me of that imbecile! He trrried to kill us forrr an unknown rrreason... and some guy in purrrple took him away...!"
Sarah: "Wait, guy in purple?! You mean the Purple Karjam?"
Kim: "Who?"
Shane: "Purrrple... KARRRJAM...? GGGGRRRROOOOAAAARRRR! THAT NAME ENRRRAGES ME! Yet... it has a familiarrr sound. I don't... Grrr... Know why it sounds so... FAMILIARRR! GGRRROOOAAAARRRRR!"
Kim: "Ieeeeeeeeeeeek!"
Sarah: "The Purple Karjam is a good guy, he's actually investigating you to try and figure out your powers. At least, as far as I know. That guy changes his plans so quickly I can barely keep up."
Kim: "Ack! Shane... y-you're scaring me... and hurting me..."
Shane: "...! How am I hurrrting you...? I am standing overrr herrre... nearrr the gate, while you arrre standing at that doorrr..."
Sarah: "She's so scared that she's getting hurt by the fear, you nitwit. And besides, the Purple Karjam is more powerful than you, except for inside your Dream Realm. I saw how you two battled. It was a GLORIOUS battle!"
Shane: "... Drrream Rrrealm...? You darrre make fun of all this?! I SHALL TEARRR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB FROM LIMB! AND THEN I SHALL DECAPITATE YOU INTO OBLIVION!"
Kim: "STOP IT!"

Kim runs to Shane.

Shane: "Kim... STAY BACK...!"
Kim: "No. I'm through with you not listening. Didn't you notice? She said she saw how you two battled. Have you ever met this Purple Karjam guy?"
Shane: "... You have a point... GRRROAAARR! It's not even possible, forrr I have never met this Karrrjam guy before!"
Sarah: "I'm talking about another you, you idiot. In another dimension."
Shane & Kim: "What?!"
Sarah: "See, there exists thousands of dimensions. In one of those dimensions, you two died because of your bond, as you wore special equipment. However, thankfully, Shane's younger sister was equal in power and thus prevented the end of that dimension. In another dimension, you two are both married. In a third, you two were kidnapped and almost brutally murdered by the Syrinitians, but you two were rescued by, of all people, Nega-Lime Karjam. That one was a shocker to everybody, even Charlotte. Of course, none of you would know, you're just in this one tiny dimension. And I can travel all dimensions due to my unique curse - only one of me exist. There's only one Sarah le Roux, and I can travel between ALLLLLLLL the dimensions without needing a Karjamian Dimensional Transporation Device-thingy."
Shane: "GGGRRROOOAAARRR! You arrre lying so much...!"
Kim: "Wait, what's a Syrinitian?"
Sarah: "What's this? This is interesting. You don't know where Syrini is?"
Kim: "No, I don't."
Sarah: "... Strange. Your home country is in a war against it, and yet... you have absolutely no idea what it is? How stupid can you get?"
Kim: "..."
Sarah: "Syrini is south-east of Venas. And also pretty similar, in that it's a highly toxic swamp."
Kim: "Wh-what?"
Shane: "... You LIE... and I will obliterrrate you! Prrreparrre yourrrself!"
Sarah: "You can't lay a finger on me. Dark Form on."

In a bright flash of light, Sarah's clothing turned black. She also gained a jacket, leggings, and a mask that looked scary.

Shane: "...! Gah!"
Kim: "... No way... now we really don't have a chance."

Shane breathes fire at Sarah, who dodges it with a teleportation.

Sarah: "Ha, like that's going to--"

In an instant, Shane rushes at her, and slashes at her with his now-clawed hands. Her mask is entirely cut in half as he leaps back to Kim.

Sarah: "N-no way! Th-that's...! Of course, I had forgotten... that's how you defeated yourself in another dimension."
Kim: "I've had enough of you, you sick *****."
Kim: "Eeeeeeek!"

Shane charges up a beam of massive power and fires it at Sarah, who teleports again to dodge. However, somehow Shane was already behind her, and he slams her into the ground with his nine tails, crashing into the beam. A massive explosion occurred as Shane lands in front of Kim.

Kim: "P-please... s-stop..."
Shane: "Grrr... grrr... grrr..."

The smoke clears. Sarah slowly stands up; her black dress was covered in her own blood and her gloves and leggings were torn to shreds.

Sarah: "This is insane... I'm outta here! I can't die... not without causing a major death everywhere...!"

She quickly took out a smoke bomb and it exploded, creating a lot of smoke. When it clears again, she is entirely gone.

Shane: "GGGRRROOOAAARRR! She has escaped my wrrrath! I shall destrrroy herrr!"
Kim: "Shane, just c-calm down, please!"
Shane: "Fine, I will... grrr... trrry..."
Kim: "By the way, I hate how you make the 'r' even longer. You sound like a tiger or something."
Shane: "... I apologize sincerrrely... but it appearrrs to be a side-effect of this... trrransmogrrrification... Sorrrrrry about it. It should prrrove that I cannot contrrrol my angerrr..."

Shane's tails and claws disappear, his hair turns to normal, and so does his eyes and teeth. The strange pattern vanishes. Shane collapses on the ground, unconscious, as his clothing returns to normal as well. Kim drags him to the couch in the house.

Kim: "Don't worry, Shane... no-one in town will remember the chaos you inadvertently caused. And once you awaken... I shall tell you the truth. Like you said... the truth will always be revealed, no matter what may happen."

With that, Kim put on a gas mask, created some sort of barrier around Shane, and waited until nightfall to make her plan become a reality... What was that plan?
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Re: Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2013, 06:19:46 am »
The Purple Karjam, who arrived recently, spotted the imposter and overheard his conversations.

PK: "Fourth Wall Reading doesn't work here?
"I wonder what he's talking about."

He tried his ability for a moment.

PK: "Nothing but static."

He then examined the fabric of reality.

PK: "It appears there's a magical block in this area preventing fourth wall-related powers from working.
"I guess I should find this world's Shane and Kim that Sarah talked about by normal means."

He flew away.

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Re: Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2013, 01:34:58 pm »

Two young girls were spending the day at the beach, having fun building sand castles and sand kingdoms. The elder of the two wore a red swimsuit, with red gloves and stockings, and red high-heels. The younger girl wore a school uniform.

Girl 1: "This is actually pretty fun, for our first visit to this town."
Girl 2: "Say, aunt Taylor?"
Taylor: "Hmmm? I'm not an aunt yet."
Girl 2: "When will we return home?"

Taylor took a deep breath.

Taylor: "I don't know, Alison. We've got to wait-- huh?!"

In a bright flash of light, a purple portal opens! A mysterious man, his skin entirely purple in color, steps out, holding a blood-stained battle axe!

Man: "ME SMASH!"

The man leaps at one of the people at the beach, and decapitates him! Alison flinches in fear.

Taylor: "What in the?! We've gotta stop him!"
Alison: "But Sur--"

The man leaps at another person and cuts her in half. Alison winces in fear.

Taylor: "So much blood...! If he kills everyone at the beach, he'll kill everyone in town! We have to stop him no matter what! So what if everybody finds out about us not being human, THAT thing isn't human at all!"
Alison: "Fine then... b-but blood... so much b-blood..."
Taylor: "Oh yeah, you've got haemophobia. I'll handle this guy on my own then. You just... get help or something, alright?"

Alison nods and quickly runs off.

Man: "ME CRUSH!"
Taylor: "Hey! Axe-crazy axe murderer of an axe-crazy axe murdering kind of axe-murdering axe-crazily with a blood-stained axe!"

Taylor shakes her head.

Taylor (thinking): "(That was redundant.)"

The man turns to face Taylor, snarling.

Taylor (thinking): "(I just hope that thing doesn't ruin my swimsuit, otherwise I'm going to ruin it all the way to Drea!)"

The man leaps towards Taylor and swings his axe. Taylor quickly casts Phase Door, teleporting her a short distance away. The axe hits the ground, and purple spikes appear, along with a purple mist! Taylor starts coughing.

Taylor: "S-some sort of t-toxic... gas...? Can't... breathe..."

Taylor falls to her knees, coughing even more.

Taylor: "Need... oxygen... I'm... being killed here... everything... getting... dark...... Ig... Ignis..."
Man: "ME ANNIHI... LATE...?"

Taylor closes her eyes, losing consciousness. The last thing she heard was a loud roar...

Several hours later...

Taylor slowly wakes up, finding a girl next to her who wore a gas mask.

Girl: "Aunt Taylor! You're okay! You're okay!"
Taylor: "Wh-who are you? Wh-where am I?"
Girl: "It's me, Alison!"

Taylor slowly sits up. The room was that of the hotel room she and Alison was staying in. However, there was a thin yellow mist hanging around in the air...

Alison: "We're at our hotel room."
Taylor: "Wh-what's going on?"
Alison: "I have no idea, to be honest. That just appeared suddenly. It's so yellow."
Taylor: "And familiar... ah! Amnesia gas!"
Alison: "What?"
Taylor: "Back on Elvania, during the Seventh Elvanian War, amnesia gas was used to make the opposition forget about their plans, and me and my sisters were the only ones who weren't affected by it for some reason! Amnesia gas causes amnesia to those who inhale it, slowly draining their memories away depending on how long they inhale it. If they inhale it for a day, they forget the previous day's events, if they inhale it for four days, they'll forget everything that happened four days before inhaling the gas!"
Alison: "Where's your gas mask?"
Taylor: "Didn't you hear what I said? Me and my sisters are unaffected by it."
Alison: "Oh. So aunt Taylor?"
Taylor: "Just... Taylor. Call me Taylor. I'm seventeen, I'm not an aunt! You're just fifteen."
Alison: "Sorry."
Taylor: "So what was it?"
Alison: "There was another incident elsewhere in town. I saw nine tails made of a red aura. Heard a lot of roaring. And... an explosion."
Taylor: "WHAT?! We should investigate! What about that... thing?"
Alison: "Dead. You burnt it to a crisp before you passed out, I suppose."

Taylor sighed with relief.

Taylor: "And thanks to whoever is behind the amnesia gas... nobody will remember that monster. C'mon, let's go."
Alison: "I'm from planet Wür, remember? Some Draconian princess visited there once. She chose to make everyone on the planet forget using amnesia gas... but I was casting Barrier, so I was unaffected. Could it be her?"
Taylor: "Who knows? I've never even heard of a Draconian princess."

Taylor leapt off the bed and went outside the hotel, followed by Alison...
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Re: Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2013, 03:36:02 am »
*Out of a portal, two boys jump out*

Boy 1: "Louis, we're finally here!"
Boy 2: "Yes brother, we reached this place."
Kushagra: "So, now that we are here, we should find out where that Nine-Tailed Beast went."
Louis: "Yes, we.... Wait what's that yellow fog?"
Kushagra: "It's Amnesia gas, but since you have my blood, it won't affect you."
Louis: "Okay... So what now."
Kushagra: "The beast was in that direction, and I want you to change yourself into a phoenix and scout the area. I'll try to trace the aura, and keep me updated via telepathy."

*Louis turns into a phoenix, and flies off to Shane's house*

Kushagra: "Good. Now time for my aura reading."

*Kushagra sits in a meditation pose, levitating in the air. His eyes turn white, and the orb on his forehead starts to glow.*
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Re: Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2013, 11:42:49 am »
Meanwhile, at that same time, two young girls wearing gas masks entered the town; one of them, a brunette, was sleeping and the other, a blonde, was levitating her.

Blonde Girl: "Why does she have to be scared of gas masks? Whatever that flame was, we could see it from Ireland, and she didn't want to come along, so I just had to go and knock her out with chloroform. Ugh, today is, like, so not my lucky day."

The brunette girl stirs.

Blonde Girl: "Oh crap, she's waking up!"

The brunette girl wakes up, sitting up straight... then she screams. She falls to the ground with a thud.

Brunette Girl: "Somebody! Help me! Someone!"
Blonde Girl: "Shut your mouth, Charlotte."
Charlotte: "Help me! Someone!"
Blonde Girl: "It's me, Jane Aulin. I had to take you along, you're the more skilled witch, I'm not very skilled with magic and you know that. And then there's this yellow gas that's here... wonder what's going on."

Charlotte looks around, trying to avoid looking at the girl nearby. She notices a yellow mist, although it slowly dissipates...

Jane: "Huh, the gas is gone, but we're still wearing these gas masks just in case--"

Jane sighs, then she spots movement.

Jane: "Hey, who are those two girls over there? HEY, YOU TWO!"

The two girls ignore Jane and Charlotte and continue running.

Jane: "They're going away... Analysis!"
Charlotte: "Thank good-- heyy!!"

Jane grabbed Charlotte by the arm and dragged her as Jane rushed after the two girls.

Jane: "The gas is mixed with some kind of sleeping gas too, it seems, and also appears to remove memories when inhaled, depending on how long the one responsible wills it... so ten to one everyone who inhaled it will forget everything about today and yesterday."
Charlotte: "Aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

They stop outside a house, where the two girls are attempting to break through a fence.

Jane: "Hold it right there!"
Charlotte: "Just let me go~!"
Jane: "No, Charlotte Seymour, I won't!"

The two girls stare at the brunette girl...

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