Author Topic: Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green  (Read 62 times)

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Re: Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green
« on: November 14, 2013, 11:42:49 am »
Meanwhile, at that same time, two young girls wearing gas masks entered the town; one of them, a brunette, was sleeping and the other, a blonde, was levitating her.

Blonde Girl: "Why does she have to be scared of gas masks? Whatever that flame was, we could see it from Ireland, and she didn't want to come along, so I just had to go and knock her out with chloroform. Ugh, today is, like, so not my lucky day."

The brunette girl stirs.

Blonde Girl: "Oh crap, she's waking up!"

The brunette girl wakes up, sitting up straight... then she screams. She falls to the ground with a thud.

Brunette Girl: "Somebody! Help me! Someone!"
Blonde Girl: "Shut your mouth, Charlotte."
Charlotte: "Help me! Someone!"
Blonde Girl: "It's me, Jane Aulin. I had to take you along, you're the more skilled witch, I'm not very skilled with magic and you know that. And then there's this yellow gas that's here... wonder what's going on."

Charlotte looks around, trying to avoid looking at the girl nearby. She notices a yellow mist, although it slowly dissipates...

Jane: "Huh, the gas is gone, but we're still wearing these gas masks just in case--"

Jane sighs, then she spots movement.

Jane: "Hey, who are those two girls over there? HEY, YOU TWO!"

The two girls ignore Jane and Charlotte and continue running.

Jane: "They're going away... Analysis!"
Charlotte: "Thank good-- heyy!!"

Jane grabbed Charlotte by the arm and dragged her as Jane rushed after the two girls.

Jane: "The gas is mixed with some kind of sleeping gas too, it seems, and also appears to remove memories when inhaled, depending on how long the one responsible wills it... so ten to one everyone who inhaled it will forget everything about today and yesterday."
Charlotte: "Aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

They stop outside a house, where the two girls are attempting to break through a fence.

Jane: "Hold it right there!"
Charlotte: "Just let me go~!"
Jane: "No, Charlotte Seymour, I won't!"

The two girls stare at the brunette girl...

Ah, nostalgia. It has been weeks since I last came here... and now that I'm back, I'll just poke around here.