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Re: Variant L Episode 1: Red and Green
« on: October 19, 2013, 01:34:58 pm »

Two young girls were spending the day at the beach, having fun building sand castles and sand kingdoms. The elder of the two wore a red swimsuit, with red gloves and stockings, and red high-heels. The younger girl wore a school uniform.

Girl 1: "This is actually pretty fun, for our first visit to this town."
Girl 2: "Say, aunt Taylor?"
Taylor: "Hmmm? I'm not an aunt yet."
Girl 2: "When will we return home?"

Taylor took a deep breath.

Taylor: "I don't know, Alison. We've got to wait-- huh?!"

In a bright flash of light, a purple portal opens! A mysterious man, his skin entirely purple in color, steps out, holding a blood-stained battle axe!

Man: "ME SMASH!"

The man leaps at one of the people at the beach, and decapitates him! Alison flinches in fear.

Taylor: "What in the?! We've gotta stop him!"
Alison: "But Sur--"

The man leaps at another person and cuts her in half. Alison winces in fear.

Taylor: "So much blood...! If he kills everyone at the beach, he'll kill everyone in town! We have to stop him no matter what! So what if everybody finds out about us not being human, THAT thing isn't human at all!"
Alison: "Fine then... b-but blood... so much b-blood..."
Taylor: "Oh yeah, you've got haemophobia. I'll handle this guy on my own then. You just... get help or something, alright?"

Alison nods and quickly runs off.

Man: "ME CRUSH!"
Taylor: "Hey! Axe-crazy axe murderer of an axe-crazy axe murdering kind of axe-murdering axe-crazily with a blood-stained axe!"

Taylor shakes her head.

Taylor (thinking): "(That was redundant.)"

The man turns to face Taylor, snarling.

Taylor (thinking): "(I just hope that thing doesn't ruin my swimsuit, otherwise I'm going to ruin it all the way to Drea!)"

The man leaps towards Taylor and swings his axe. Taylor quickly casts Phase Door, teleporting her a short distance away. The axe hits the ground, and purple spikes appear, along with a purple mist! Taylor starts coughing.

Taylor: "S-some sort of t-toxic... gas...? Can't... breathe..."

Taylor falls to her knees, coughing even more.

Taylor: "Need... oxygen... I'm... being killed here... everything... getting... dark...... Ig... Ignis..."
Man: "ME ANNIHI... LATE...?"

Taylor closes her eyes, losing consciousness. The last thing she heard was a loud roar...

Several hours later...

Taylor slowly wakes up, finding a girl next to her who wore a gas mask.

Girl: "Aunt Taylor! You're okay! You're okay!"
Taylor: "Wh-who are you? Wh-where am I?"
Girl: "It's me, Alison!"

Taylor slowly sits up. The room was that of the hotel room she and Alison was staying in. However, there was a thin yellow mist hanging around in the air...

Alison: "We're at our hotel room."
Taylor: "Wh-what's going on?"
Alison: "I have no idea, to be honest. That just appeared suddenly. It's so yellow."
Taylor: "And familiar... ah! Amnesia gas!"
Alison: "What?"
Taylor: "Back on Elvania, during the Seventh Elvanian War, amnesia gas was used to make the opposition forget about their plans, and me and my sisters were the only ones who weren't affected by it for some reason! Amnesia gas causes amnesia to those who inhale it, slowly draining their memories away depending on how long they inhale it. If they inhale it for a day, they forget the previous day's events, if they inhale it for four days, they'll forget everything that happened four days before inhaling the gas!"
Alison: "Where's your gas mask?"
Taylor: "Didn't you hear what I said? Me and my sisters are unaffected by it."
Alison: "Oh. So aunt Taylor?"
Taylor: "Just... Taylor. Call me Taylor. I'm seventeen, I'm not an aunt! You're just fifteen."
Alison: "Sorry."
Taylor: "So what was it?"
Alison: "There was another incident elsewhere in town. I saw nine tails made of a red aura. Heard a lot of roaring. And... an explosion."
Taylor: "WHAT?! We should investigate! What about that... thing?"
Alison: "Dead. You burnt it to a crisp before you passed out, I suppose."

Taylor sighed with relief.

Taylor: "And thanks to whoever is behind the amnesia gas... nobody will remember that monster. C'mon, let's go."
Alison: "I'm from planet Wür, remember? Some Draconian princess visited there once. She chose to make everyone on the planet forget using amnesia gas... but I was casting Barrier, so I was unaffected. Could it be her?"
Taylor: "Who knows? I've never even heard of a Draconian princess."

Taylor leapt off the bed and went outside the hotel, followed by Alison...
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