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Variants of The Battle
« on: May 26, 2013, 04:53:07 pm »
THE BATTLE has several variants. This thread will serve as a way to link to them. ;)
If a link is broken, please notify me or Taylor immediately.

Alt Variant 0:
The variant where the Cave Story mods takes place. Posting links to those would be impossible without linking to millions of threads. :P

Variant 0:
The variant where Dragon Riders takes place. There are several side stories, too.
Dragon Riders Episode 1.
Justice Hearts.

Variant A:
The third Battle, started at the SCS Forums.
Character sheets required.
Chapter 1 link and Chapter 2 link.

Variant B:
A side Battle at the SCS Forums. It is in the Dream Realm.
Character sheets are not necessary.
Link to the Dream Realm.

Variant C:
The second Battle, started at the Mossmouth Forums. Sadly, as a result of (1) hackers deleting my account there and (2) a certain administratress named Taylor deciding to only post Spelunky-related stuff, that Battle is ended.
Character sheets were required, but basically useless due to reason 1. (Taylor can't edit my posts, of course.)
Link. This link exists only because I forgot to remove that Battle from my Favourites bar.

Variant D:
The very first Battle, started at the Little Fighter Empire Forums.
No character sheets needed.

Variant E:
While not a Battle, it contains a Draconia, where a Shane and Kim exists - much like the variants that the Purple Karjam has visited. This variant is based on the Pokémon fanfics I write. Character sheets are, however, unavailable as it's not a Battle.
Pokémon Rebel and Revolt.

Variant F:
While not a Battle, it also contains a Shane, a Kim and a Draconia. It's basically the world where my RPG takes place... if it was not cancelled. :P

Variant G:
The Battle I started at the Battle Forums.
Character sheets needed, but instead of in the thread itself, there's a separate board for it.
Link to Chapter 1.

Variant H:
The Battle at these very forums!
Character sheets are required, but it's not mandatory. The character sheets are in separate boards - each member has his/her own board for characters. Permission to get one can be asked in the Character General Discussion Thread, if you haven't posted in the main thread yet. If you have, the admins will give you a board without you needing to ask.
Prologue link.

Variant I:
A side Battle at the SCS Forums. It is in the Dream Realm.
Character sheets are not necessary.
Link to the Dream Realm.

Variant J:
A side Battle at the Battle Forums. I don't know if KarjamP calls it such, but for the purpose of this list, I will call it such. Notable in that I don't control any characters in it.
Character sheets are needed, but there's also a separate board for it.

Variant K:
The most recent Battle at the Mossmouth forums, not started by me... or Taylor.
I don't know if character sheets are needed.
I won't be posting a link. If you want a link, ask Taylor to add one. She still visits Mossmouth, I don't.

Variant L:
The most recent Battle at these forums, different from the main one. WAY different.
Character sheets are required, however, I'm still planning it.
Link doesn't exist yet, due to... well, it still being in planning :P

Variant M:
A mysterious variant where everyone from previous variants appear. Why does this happen?
Nobody knows yet. The time has come to find out.
Here's the link.
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