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Re: The Well - ★Polaris★
« on: December 17, 2013, 07:09:06 pm »
Quote from: Taylor
Right now, I'm merely going to ask very few questions. I apologize for asking so few questions, and I hope you don't mind. (However, it may result in giant walls of text in the end... :-[)
Well, I apologize for answering your few questions 3 months after the fact. :P

1. What do you think about the real Shane?(The original question applied to TED and not Shane.)
He's fairly awesome, of course.
2. How do you feel about having the most reputation thus far?
Wait, what? I do? Since when? :o

That's neat...~^_^~

3. If you could add one ability to every element, what would they be, and what would their effects be?
...I don't know, honestly.
4. You mentioned that "Loving Life" 'looks super broken, if a bit boring'. How would you fix that?
 Shane pretty much already did, so...
5. "Red Mushrooms"? :o

Don't you mean "Red Nocturnes"? Or are Red Mushrooms a secret Heartless that not even knows about? :o
I'm sorry, I meant White Mushrooms.
6. What's going on at the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums?
 The Kanpachis, mostly. It's more active than usual and there's no major strife. ^_^
7. How are you doing at the moment?
 Much better than I was before, thanks. :))
8. How do you feel about Generation VI introducing only 69 new Pokémon?
I think it's fine.
9. Going by the list of Pokémon on this page, what Kalos Pokémon would you choose?
I'm not sure.
10. Going by the list of Mega Evolutions, which of them interest you? (Or is that a question that gets"none" as an answer?)
I think Mega Mawile is rather interesting. ^_^

I have to admit, it *is* hard. I actually had to use the Coin Toss app from Pokémon Pearl to help me decide between Poison and Fabric. :-[
You actually had to choose whether to get Poison? :P

That's suspicious...

Thus ends my small post...Again, I apologize for asking so few questions. :-[
Again, don't worry about it. ;3

Quote from: Shane
I shall be asking a few questions now... because I can barely think of 50 or more to ask all at once D:
That's a relief. :P

1. What are your thoughts on recent events?
How times change...

Also, you're not a bad game master. Keep going with the RPG you goober. D:

2. What is the most random thing you can think up?
I've come up with beautifully WTF notions in the past. Unfortunately I'm rushing now and can't take the time to think. Sorry...
3. How do you feel about Chess?
It's a neat game, I'm not bad at it, but I don't play it much.
4. What is your favourite song from the Ace Attorney games, if any?
I've never played an Ace Attorney game, sorry. The sound of "Objection!" is sweet music to my ears, though.

Quote from: Taylor

Is your birthday on 26 March 1997, or is that Polar Star from The Endanian Chronicles only?
My birthday is on March 26, yes. No clues for the year. ;)

Quote from: Yui

You seem like a great person, so I'm gonna ask some questions. :)
You seem like an earnest one, so I'm going to answer them. :)

01. Out of Amy, Bloom, Charlotte, Dianke, Lily, Taylor and my avatars, which do you like the most?
Yours. Weddings are nice and all, but...^_^;
02. What are your favorite Kingdom Hearts songs?
Dearly Beloved, Namine's Theme, Simple and Clean (credits), Night of Fate, and a bunch of others.
03. Favorite pizza?
No particular, I like pizza in general. :D
04. You said, "pizza that I can't eat because of pepperoni" in an earlier post. Are you allergic to pepperoni, or are you a vegetarian?
No, I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist. Can't eat pepperoni because it's pork. Not that I mind, I haven't eaten pork in forever and turkey bacon is a thing. Mmm. :3
05. What is your gender in the Pokémon games? Or is that a secret as well? 
I always go with the character who's design I like more. So, Red(in the original), Leaf (in the remakes), Kris, Lyra, Brendan, Dawn, Hilbert, what'shername, and Calem.
06. What do you think of me, Charlotte and Bloom being Taylor, Dianke and Lily's stepsisters?
It's rather neat, I think, as long as you're all getting along. ^_^
07. Favorite board games?
Um...Sorry? I'm not sure.
08. Recent movies that you watched?
The last I watched was Instructions Not Included a few months ago. It kind of broke me, but it's now one of my favorites...
09. What songs have you been listening to recently?
Like, normal songs? "Waltz" from Heaven's Gate, "Waltz" from Honey and Clover, "Flashing Lights", and some Electro Swing stuff.
10. If you could create your own Keyblade, what would it look like? What would the name be? 
For a design...I have a general idea, but I'd have to make it to solidify a design. As for its name...likely Saving Grace. Because reasons.

And most importantly:
How are you?
Doing very well, thank you! Ł: