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Re: The Well - í´Polarisí´
« on: January 26, 2014, 05:45:51 am »
1. I'm uncertain if this has been asked before, but... what languages are you able of speaking? (Excluding fictional languages like Draconian, of course.)
English and Spanish...and a few vaguely remembered Italian swear words I'll never use.
2. Again, not sure if this is asked, but... what languages do you want to learn? (This can include fictional languages.)
Italian and Japanese, I might need to learn French, but it's the least awesome of the three.
3. Are there any English words you want to know the Draconian translation to?
Hope, revelation, light, emotion, cheeseburger.
4. Again, not sure if this is asked, but... what video game consoles, etc. do you have / did you have? What are your five most favorite games for each console?
A broken PlayStation, a slightly less broken PlayStation 2, a Wii, an Android, an iPhone, a Game Boy Color, a DS lite, and (very rarely) access to a computer. As for favorite games...@_@
5. How do you feel about being a Global Moderator at the Vresun forums?
I'm not sure I deserve it...

You're male, aren't you?
Um. Yes...

...which reminds me. I never did post the contents of the true Well I created on CSTSF, or the eventful Skype conversation which sparked it. Allow me...

Quote from: The Well - Polaris

You didn't expect to see me doing this, did you?

Neither did I...

But, with a very important and sudden paradigm shift I experienced recently, I decided I couldn't be so reserved anymore. I wasn't sure of how I would go about loosening up, or how slowly it would be, but I knew that I had to eventually.

...and then Skype came in and did the thinking for me.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I always expected to take this first step in a status somewhere, or after a Well was created, or something. But apparently fate had other plans.

*end part 1...*