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Re: The Well - ★Polaris★
« on: August 21, 2013, 10:36:46 am »

1.Your *cough* real name?
2.Fav CS weapon (originals)?
3.Time taken to complete the original CS with the best ending?
4.Like kittens or puppies?
5.Is this Sparta?
6.Ever watched The Big Bang Theory?
7.Anime watcher/lover?
8.How'd you meet Shane?
9.How'd you first come to know about CS?
10.Ever eaten waffles?
11.Fav sport?
12.List of fav books? (I'm a book lover too and reading that you like books too makes this more interesting :P)
13.Fav music band? (Was about to write "Fav songs?" when I read Shane's post and your gigantic answer D:)

'nuff said. For now.
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