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Re: The Well - ★Polaris★
« on: August 28, 2013, 05:34:29 am »
Guess this is going to be slightly extended. You already have a wall of text right now, which is getting a bit longer right now. :P

11. Do you prefer Solar / Sun, Lunar / Moon or Astral / Star?
12. Do you think that the Coups de Grâce that Shane has in the Otherworld RPG are over the top?
13. Which do you prefer, land, sea or sky?
14. What is your favourite Pokémon that belongs to Ash Ketchum from the anime?
15. I've noticed your five elements are Magic, Star, Heart, Light and Darkness. What abilities of those elements would you have?
16. Have you ever seen Cats & Dogs or its sequel?
17. Can you write upside-down?
18. What was the most recent game you played?
19. What was the most recent song you listened to?
20. If you made a Pokémon, what would its types be and what would it look like, and what would its name be? (I couldn't think of a 20th question, so I pulled a Shane and just asked what came randomly to mind... :-[)
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