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Re: The Well - ★Polaris★
« on: September 01, 2013, 06:24:31 pm »

...whew. Guess you two weren't kidding about more questions. :o

Well, all the better for me. ^_^


1.Your *cough* real name?

2.Fav CS weapon (originals)?

3.Time taken to complete the original CS with the best ending?

4.Like kittens or puppies?

5.Is this Sparta?

6.Ever watched The Big Bang Theory?

7.Anime watcher/lover?

8.How'd you meet Shane?

9.How'd you first come to know about CS?

10.Ever eaten waffles?

11.Fav sport?

12.List of fav books? (I'm a book lover too and reading that you like books too makes this more interesting :P)

13.Fav music band? (Was about to write "Fav songs?" when I read Shane's post and your gigantic answer D:)

'nuff said. For now.
14. Ever played Cut the Rope?
15. Do you prefer Cats or Dogs?
16. Fav animated movie?
17. Ever watched the movie, Bolt?
18. Is this madness?
19. Fondest memory as a child?
20. Hue hue hue?
21. Ever watched the Matrix movies?
22. Your fondest dream you have ever had?
23. What's the maximum post-count you have ever reached in any forum?
24. Do you like LF2?
★1★It doesn't start with a P. :P

★2★The Polar Star, duh. I said that in the first post. ;)

Although you should note that I also call the Polar Star's completed form by that name, and not the Spur. Both the incomplete and complete Polar Stars are my favorite CS weapons.

★3★Um...I don't really remember, but I think it was about 2 or 3 months. I got the best ending on my first run through the game, with no guides to boot! :o

★4★I like them equally. ^_^

On a side note, newborn cats are much cuter than newborn dogs.


★6★I haven't, actually. I admittedly don't care for it much.

★7★Generally speaking, not really. I don't watch a lot of anime and I have a slight distaste for some of them like Dragonball Z or Naruto.

But things like Paprika or this unnamed unknown snippet I saw many years ago? Definitely. And I've always liked manga. :)

(I still don't read that very much, though I do enjoy it when I do.)

★8★I met him on the CSTSF. I talked with him a fair bit my first few months there and slowly he decided to add me to his friends. It was very natural. :)

★9★It was a dual awakening. I first learned of it due to a Nintendo Power review of the WiiWare version. I saw it, read it, and wondered, but brushed it off as yet another strange little game I'd never get to play due to the lack of internet or money to buy it with.

Then, a few months later, I learned a little more thanks to finding mention of Sue transforming into a Mimiga thanks to a very specific Google search. I was intrigued, and read up a bit more on it.

Then I got to play a demo of the WiiWare version thanks to a very lucky coincidence temporarily granting me internet on the Wii. Soon after, I had one of my friends give me a USB with Cave Story installed on it...and that's where the magic began. :))

★10★But of course. They're delish, especially with soft serve ice cream on top. ;)

★11★Volleyball and Base/Softball. I'm not super athletic, however - I kinda just play casually and on occasion.


You're just like Shane, bringing upon yourself the dazzling destruction of giant lists. Atone for your silliness, mortal, and open the spoiler to gaze upon the hellish fortress of text within.

If you can survive such an experience with your mind intact, perhaps you will be ready to receive purification after all.

(Except don't worry, this list isn't as long. :P)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

★13★Uh...I don't really have one. Does Scatman John count?

★14★Yup. It was very easy and boring. I got all three stars in all levels within a few weeks and then uninstalled it.

★15★If I had to get a pet? Dogs. But I've never owned one of either, so...

Otherwise, I like them equally.

★16★Wreck-It Ralph!



★19★I don't think I have one...


★21★I haven't, but I probably should someday.

★22★Plenty. :)

I might give an example later if you want, but right now I'm focused on finally finishing. Especially since Taylor replied again!


*runs off*'s 514 so far.

★24★Little Fighter 2? I've never played it, so I don't really care about it. I'm sorry. :-[


Thanks for replying, Dr. Time. ^_^

Heh heh heh heh heh...

1. What do you think will happen to these forums in the near future?

2. If you could choose which other members (from other forums) were to join these forums, who would they be?

3. Out of each Generation, what are your favourite Pokémon?

4. Out of each type, what are you favourite Pokémon?

5. Out of all the video games you've ever played, who is your favourite character?

6. Who are your favourite Cave Story characters? (These can be from the original, or from mods.)

7. What was the first video game you have ever played?

8. Who are your favourite anime characters?

9. What is your favourite animal?

10. What is your favourite food?

11. What Legendary Pokémon is your favourite?

12. What Legendary Pokémon do you dislike?

13. Are you brave?

14. What was the first PC game you ever played?

15. What was the first DS game you ever played?

16. How many languages can you speak?

17. What are your favourite countries?

18. How long have you known Pokemon?

19. What is your favourite Pokémon badge?

20. What are your favourite books?

21. What was the largest town/city you've ever visited in the world?

22. What do you usually do if there's a power outage?

23. If you could have special abilities and such, what would they be?

24. If you could meet one of the forum members, who would it be?

25. Do you hate it when people tell lies?

26. If you could learn any other languages, what would they be?

27. If you had three pet Pokémon, what would it be?

28. What were the ten most recent video games you've played?

29. Which do you prefer, the early morning or the late night?

30. If you could be a Pokémon for a month, which one would you choose and why?

31. What is your favourite Generation VI Pokémon, overall?

32. What's your favourite Keyblade?

33. What's your favourite enemy from the Kingdom Hearts games?

34. What are your favourite RPG games?

35. Do you have any wishes or goals or dreams?

36. What is your most favourite Cave Story mod?

37. Have you ever played Pokémon Black or Pokémon White and/or their sequels?

38. Do you wish there were more pure Flying-type Pokémon?

39. If you could specialize in one Pokémon type, what would it be?

40. If you could make any three Pokémon exist, what would it be?

41. If you could change one thing about history, what would it be?

42. What is your favourite snack?

43. Ever played TrackMania Nations Forever? If so, what was the most insane stunt you pulled in the game?

44. Out of the Rebel and Revolt and Convex and Concave Pokédexes of my fanfics, which ten Pokémon do you wish was canon?

45. Out of these Pokémon / Pokémon Trainer resprites and recolours, who are your favourites?

46. Did you expect this post to contain 50 questions? :P

47. What do you hate about travelling?

48. What's your favourite chemical element?

49. Out of all the deviations in the folder (3 pages as of this post), what are your favourite?

50. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the forums? went from 5 to 50!?!?

I guess you meant what you said. :-X

★1★Probably it will slowly get trickles of new members every now and then and keep going as it has.

★2★...I don't think I'd choose anyone, actually.

★3★Hm...I don't remember them very clearly, but...

Gen. 1: Charizard, Eevee, Ninetales, Clefairy, Lapras, Dratini, Missingno., Mew

Gen. 2: Meganium, Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Togepi, Pichu, Blissey, Skarmory, Umbreon, Espeon, Misdreavus, Corsola, Wobuffet, Ho-oh, Lugia

Gen. 3: Gardevoir( :P ), Torchic, Shedinja, Altaria, Absol, Latias

Gen. 4: Piplup, Staraptor, Bidoof, Luxray, Cherrim, Mismagius, Lucario, Togekiss, Gallade, Froslass, Darkrai, Shaymin

Gen. 5: Serperior, Lillipup, Musharna, Tranquill, Zebstrika, Whimsicott, Litwick, Lilligant, Zoroark, Reuniclus, Vanilluxe, Emolga, Mienshao

Gen. 6: Fennekin, Sylveon, Vivillion, Honedge

There's likely a few more I don't remember.

★4★I'm just picking one or two Pokémon for each type because oh my god (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Normal~Togepi or Eevee
Water~Feraligatr or Milotic or Corsola
Grass~Shaymin or Lilligant or Serperior
Ice~Froslass or Kyurem
Electric~Luxray or Pichu
Psychic~Gardevoir ( :P :P :P ) or Mew or Wobbuffet
Flying~Togekiss or Lugia or Ho-oh
Fighting~Lucario or Mienshao
Dragon~Altaria or Dragonair or Haxorus
Dark~Umbreon or Absol
Bug~Butterfree or Shedinja
Steel~Skarmory or Mawile
Rock~Sudowoodo or Larvitar or Cradily
Ground~Wooper or Torterra
Ghost~Mismagius or Litwick
Fairy~Sylveon (or GUESS WHO)

★5★Well, I don't really have one, but I've always been a fan of Luigi and Red. :)

I like lots of people, and it would take too long to list them all (yes, I know I've already made absolutely massive lists with no complaint...but, uh, shut up D:).

★6★Quote, Curly Brace, Frenzied Sue (she's apparently my spirit animal ??? ), and practically everyone else. And Chinfish. And probably a few others (including a certain unnamed one from my mod... ;) )

★7★Crash Bandicoot 2 and Pokémon Gold. :))

★8★I pretty much have none...

★9★Kiwis and Harp Seals. ^_^

★10★You already asked this, sir. >:(

★11★Mew. =D

★12★Arceus. D=

★13★In some ways, incredibly. In other ways...not at all.

★14★3D Space Pinball. Boring, but ya. ~.~

★15★New Super Mario Bros.

★16★Two:English and Spanish (I could be better at Spanish, but I still speak it semi-fluently). I also know some Italian swear words I'll never use. ;)

★17★I've never been out of my own, so I can't give a fair answer. It's probably not my home country, though.

★18★Since before I could read...which is saying something.

★19★I guess the Fog well as the Diamond Badge. :P

★20★...see Dr.Time's question. @_@

★21★Do I have to answer this one? It might be somewhat incriminating. D:

However, I can say that I've been to two. One is important, the other is popular, both are well known and large. I've only been to the first on a special trip via plane (the only time I've ever gone in one! :)) ), and I live closer to the second but not really in it (I think I'm one or two hours of driving away). Although I've been to the second many times for mundane reasons, I've only been to its really classy parts 3 or so times in my life.

★22★Light a candle and carry on. :P

★23★U m . . .

...transforming at will is all I've ever desired probably ya...

I can't elaborate, though.

★24★Well, uh...that would imply meeting someone in person...which is a no-no. D:

If I could meet someone anonymously to see what they're like in real life? Maybe...but I wouldn't know who to pick. :<

★25★Oh, YES...

Which is dumb, because I've told a few major ones out of necessity, supreme weaksauce even for me.

★26★Japanese and Italian are the only ones I care about. :3

...well, maybe Mandarin Chinese too, since it's apparently the most common language in the world, but eh.

★27★I don't think I'd keep any, actually. There are good reasons why Pokémon cannot be found on Earth, after all.

Besides, there are so many to choose from and so many I'd like as a pet, so...

★28★Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Falldown, Pokémon Emerald, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Pokémon Red, [not a]MOD, Parsec47, Gurk II, Jenka's Nightmare, Duke Chew'Em.

★29★I love them both. You get such lovely feelings from just relaxing and playing Dearly Beloved at dawn. And long car rides across great distances at midnight and stopping at a roadside rest stop evoke the same deal. ~w~


Either that or Mew, since it can just transform into any other Pokémon anyway. :P

As for why? Fun and profit.

★31★It's a tie between Sylveon and Fennekin.

★32★Well, believe it or not, there's actually a keyblade that is themed after Gardevoir, but it's not actually a favorite, more of a curiosity.

Favorites include Kingdom Key (?), Kingdom Key D, Oathkeeper, I guess Oblivion, Metal Chocobo, Star Seeker, Way to the Dawn, Destiny's Embrace, Sweet Memories, Gull Wing, Two Become One, Sign of Innocence, Umbrella, Aubade, Fairy Stars, Lost Memory, Master Keeper, Starlight, Vulpeus Foreteller's Keyblade, the original Ultima Weapon, and Zero/One. ^_^

Possibly my favorite, however, is Saving Grace, a fanmade Keyblade. I don't think anyone gives it enough credit, not even its creator, because Saving Grace is likely the most beautiful Keyblade I've ever seen.

I think if I could have just one Keyblade to use as my signature weapon, I would consider it. c:

★33★Maybe Red Mushrooms or Shadows. And I've always had a soft spot for Wyverns - they're so cute!

★34★Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Gurk, OFF, Mother, Pickles of Pickleton, The Adventurer's Forest, The Endanian Chronicles...I like lots of RPGs.

★35★I do have one wish...but it's super duper secret and related to someone close to me. I don't think that wish will ever be granted here in Life, though I'll still keep hoping...but maybe, just maybe, if I manage to get to heaven...if my request is not impure, God could help?

Well, I dunno...I'll just keep my hope alive, for now...

As for dreams...I mostly want to be happy, and to make others happy. And for goals...I want to never marry, or date, and I want to retain at least most of what makes me, me - especially as I get older.

Besides that? No idea what I'm doing. I don't even know what career I want to pursue, or even if I want to. :-X

★36★I think Jenka's Nightmare Revived and Jenka's Nightmare New are it.

★37★I played Pokémon Black once, when I checked it out. I had a grand time...and I was up to Cold Storage or whatever it was when I had to return it to the Library. :<

★38★Not particularly.

★39★ ...urg. That's a difficult question. >_<

(Said right after the question about your hopes and dreams. :P )

I don't think I could specialize in any one element. I use my favorites, nothing more.

★40★Like I said, Pokémon don't exist here for a reason. Even creating a little Pichu would be incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.

★41★No idea, honestly. O_o

★42★Sun Chips and homemade cookies are the best. :3

★43★I've never played it, sorry...

★44★Well, looking through the list, I can't really pick any because there's no pictures, or even much information about the critters. I'm impressed you added so many, though. :o

★45★I like the Divissy, Vulpichu and Snowy Shaymin. :)

★46★I did, kind of...but I wasn't expecting lots of those questions needing giant lists. >:(

★47★Nothing at all. ^_^

★48★...again, I don't really have one. Oxygen is pretty cool, though, even if it's a poison. :P

★49★I can't say...

★50★9. :))


I appreciate your giant post, Shane! Certainly gave me something to do...(+。+)…zZ

... Shane, you just asked most of the questions I wanted to ask. :-[
I'm gonna have to go ask different ones now...

1. What is your opinion on rainbows?
2. Have you ever seen a double rainbow?
3. Favourite Kingdom Hearts character?
4. Do you think Shane's post count is from insanity?
5. ... Do you think Shane's signature is getting out of hand somehow...?
6. What do you think about a Rainbow Gun?
7. What do you think of the Endanian Chronicles RPG of the forums?
8. If you had to choose between Light and Darkness, what would you choose?
9. What is the largest word you know of?
10. Do you have a crush, or did you ever have one?
Guess this is going to be slightly extended. You already have a wall of text right now, which is getting a bit longer right now. :P

11. Do you prefer Solar / Sun, Lunar / Moon or Astral / Star?
12. Do you think that the Coups de Grâce that Shane has in the Otherworld RPG are over the top?
13. Which do you prefer, land, sea or sky?
14. What is your favourite Pokémon that belongs to Ash Ketchum from the anime?
15. I've noticed your five elements are Magic, Star, Heart, Light and Darkness. What abilities of those elements would you have?
16. Have you ever seen Cats & Dogs or its sequel?
17. Can you write upside-down?
18. What was the most recent game you played?
19. What was the most recent song you listened to?
20. If you made a Pokémon, what would its types be and what would it look like, and what would its name be? (I couldn't think of a 20th question, so I pulled a Shane and just asked what came randomly to mind... :-[)

When you ask 50 questions, you're probably going to ask a few someone else would. :o

★1★I think they're lovely. :3

★2★Yes! Three times, in fact.

★3★I think Xion and Riku work, but I kind of like all the characters. ^_^

Except Peter. No one likes you, Peter. Go away.

★4★No, it's just the Admin-Post Count Effect in action.

★5★A little, but it's very useful. :)

★6★That sounds awesome. Where do I get one? ;)

★7★It's very fun, and the first major RPG I've ever joined. I hope Shane doesn't abandon it...

★8★...If I could not have both, neither.

Unrestrained Light with no Darkness means the entire world burns, and we all die in sensory overload and extreme pain.

Omnipresent Darkness means no warmth whatsoever, and we perish slowly and shivering, with no sight and no hope.

I'd choose Light and Darkness. Both in balance, or void. That's like, the only options.

★9★ Lopado­temacho­selacho­galeo­kranio­leipsano­drim­hypo­trimmato­silphio­parao­melito­katakechy­meno­kichl­epi­kossypho­phatto­perister­alektryon­opte­kephallio­kigklo­peleio­lagoio­siraio­baphe­tragano­pterygon.



I don't...think I did...

Well, maybe I said, I'm not sure...
But at any rate, that time is gone now. And I'm not exactly running around pining for love...friendship is more my domain.

On a side note, I've had exactly one (1) person tell me that they had a crush on me. Which was very...odd, and unexpected, and it came completely out of left field. It was a joy gently telling that person that I don't do relationships. :(

★11★Star, duh. :P

Though if I had to choose between Sun and Moon, I might choose Moon, which I like a slight bit more than the Sun. Slight, mind you.

★12★This is Shane, so probably. ;)

★13★Well, I don't know. I've pretty much been on land my whole life, so I can't exactly give a good answer. D:

Land is nice because it's generally safer, and being outdoors or alone in a plain early in the morning is very pleasant, combined with all of the other niceties like libraries and video game stores and cafés. It can be fun being a landlubber!

Water - that is, being on a boat - is less safe, but could potentially be more fun. I personally like solitary journeys across large distances, when I get a chance to do them, and I have insane potential in keeping myself occupied (I'm almost never bored), so I think I'd really like a boat ride. And if it was a luxury boat or a cruise...well, that's another matter entirely! :P

And last, but not least, Sky is like the opposite of safe but quite thrilling and beautiful. Usually it's exciting just being up there, so Sky is the sort of place where you just HAVE to take in the sights.The one time I've been in the Sky, a round trip plane ride, I loved the beautiful sights outside the window (I really like clouds) and the general feel of being on a plane, so far away from the world below. And I liked having a good excuse to just relax for 4 hours with my phone and lovely views, and no worries or reason to refrain from entertaining myself. It was the middle of the night, but I never fell asleep. I like flying, I hope I get to try it again someday. :))

So, uh...since I love all 3 equally, I guess the correct answer is:out of Land, Sea and Sky, I like Laundromats the least. :P


And to a slightly lesser extent, Pikachu.

★15★Actually, I was planning on changing my elements now that Hope is here...but I'll answer your question before I do so.

Magic~Magical Guard, Magical Box, or Magical Soul. (Magic has a lot of good abilities. :3)
Star~Star Counter, Love Charm(these abilities look pretty useful!)
Heart~Loving Life (this ability looks super broken, if a bit boring.)
Light~Light Wisp, Heaven and Earth
Darkness~Pure Evil, Vampiris, or Undead Hordes

And just for fun, other elements I'd use:
Hope~Elemental Hope, Love Charm, or Loving Life(this here's an amazing mix of abilities. :)) )
Psychic~Serene Grace, Guarded Quill/Psycho Edge, or Magic Guard(lots of good abilities. :) )
Fairy~Party Animal, Iron Gem
Cute(wouldn't use it, but...)~Calm Fury, Cheering's going to be hard choosing my element. :(
I might just go with Hope, though.

★16★I haven't, sorry. D:

★17★Actually, yes. ;)

★18★Radiant, an Android shooting game that's kind of like Space Invaders but cooler.

★19★Flesh Maze Tango, from OFF, is the song I last well as Pallet Town, which is playing in my head right now, and a church song, played by someone else.

★20★It's fine being a little random, sometimes. :P

Name: Missingno.
Specie Name: ? ? ? ? ? Pokémon/ Forsaken Pokémon/ Hope Pokémon
Type:Normal(?) or ? ? ? depending on game
Gender Rate:No gender
Rarity:Only one
Looks like:Glitched backwards-L(Abnormal Forme), various slightly glitchy Pokémon (Lost Formes)

Missingno. is an entity that represents the collective lost spirits of Pokémon that were scrapped or never made in the designing process. Every time a Pokémon is cut, thought of and scrapped, or never allowed into the code, its lost soul does not die, but is assimilated into Missingno. It is unknown exactly how Missingno. itself came to be, however, as it was never supposed to exist, much like the Pokémon it is compiled of, and therefore causes strange, unknown and random "glitches" in reality with its very existence. Despite Missingno. instinctually keeping these anomalies under control, most are afraid of its eldritch nature and frightening, otherworldly appearance. However, Missingno. wants only to find a home for the forsaken that created it.

Once in a blue moon, it succeeds, leaving Missingno. enraptured with joy and with hope that the others will find their way. However, if it were ever to successfully have the others added as Pokémon...what would happen to Missingno.?...

In battle:Missingno. uses a variety of random Pokémon moves, as well as "glitch" moves - that is, moves that were thought of, but never made. It has glitched stats that change each turn. It can also temporarily assume the forms of all the Pokémon it has ever held, whether they are legitimate now or not. These Pokémon have similarly glitched appearance, but they have legitimate stats and their own moves. When in this state, Missingno. and the Pokémon's soul work together.

It is possible that Missingno. was created by Mew, though Mew's intentions in doing so are unknown.

It has also been rumored that a Gardevoir holds dark connections to Missingno. However, exactly which Gardevoir this rumor tells about, and what those connections mean, is not known. The substantiality of this gossip is likely low.


Thank you for replying, Taylor! I actually really liked your questions. :))

And jeez, I'm finally done...that took entirely too long. At least now I can actually go update the Tomes sometime soon. ^_^
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