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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: July 05, 2013, 08:06:19 pm »
Whoa. The only person asking questions asked 25 of them? :o
Awesome :))

1. What are your favourite RPGs?
2. What are your favourite visual novels?
3. WHY do you feel that terrorizing me makes you feel better? :-\
4. Out of each Generation, what are your favourite Pokémon?
5. Out of each type, what are you favourite Pokémon?
6. Out of all the video games you've ever played, who is your favourite character?
7. Who are your favourite Cave Story mod characters?
8. What was the first video game you have ever played?
9. Who are your favourite anime characters?
10: What is your favourite animal?
11: What is your favourite food?
12: What Legendary Pokémon is your favourite?
13: What Legendary Pokémon do you dislike?
14: Are you brave?
15: Do you wish that the entire Kingdom Hearts series was on PC or DS?
16: How many languages can you speak?
17: What are your favourite countries?
18: Out of the Rebel and Revolt and Convex and Concave Pokédexes of my fanfics, which ten Pokémon do you wish was canon?
19: What is your favourite Pokémon badge?
20: What are your favourite books?
21: What was the first PC game you ever played?
22: What was the first DS game you ever played?
23. If you could have special abilities and such, what would they be?
24. If you could meet one of the forum members, who would it be?
25. Do you hate it when people tell lies?

1. Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, Quest for Glory, Exit Fate, Last Scenario, Star Stealing Prince, Vacant Sky and A Home Far Away.
2. Long Live the Queen, and Songs of Araiah. I think there's another one or two, I'm not sure.
3. ... To be perfectly honest... I don't know. :-[
4. Pikachu, Celebi, Absol, Glameow, Emolga. Generation VI has still too many unknown Pokémon for me to be definitely sure, but at the moment, I like Litleo. :3
5. Long answer time...
Grass: Celebi
Fire: Flareon
Water: Oshawott
Electric: Pikachu
Dark: Absol
Psychic: Gothitelle
Fairy: Gardevoir
Poison: Weezing
Bug: Volcarona
Dragon: Reshiram
Steel: Honedge
Ghost: Chandelure
Normal: Meloetta
Flying: Vivillon
Fighting: Riolu
Ice: Glaceon
Ground: Drilbur
Rock: Geodude
6. Curly Brace.
7. Myself. (After all, I appear as a character in Hope of Shané.) :P
8. Cave Story.
9. Dawn (Pokémon), Lyra (Pokémon) and Téa (Yu-Gi-Oh!).
10. Tiger.
11. Pizza, ice cream and chocolate :3
12. Celebi, Meloetta and Reshiram. We'll see if there are others. ;)
13. Zekrom, Mewtwo and Kyurem. We'll see if there are others. :-\
14. Compared to you? Yep! :))
15. Yes, I do. Makes it much easier to play. :P
16. Afrikaans and English fluently, and some other languages too. Learning Afrikaans was worth it, too. That way, any secret code you decide to post here in Afrikaans can easily be translated accurately by me. :P
17. South Africa, Ireland, Japan and America. Also, Britain.
18. I'll name more than 10. :P
Sneazing, Raistench, Toxichu, Venopichu, Garslither, Snaketer, Garboater, Toxileaf, Flovenom, Plangast, Toxiceon, Garscent, Gaser, Gasscent, Starus, Toxisludge, Venogoo, Vilfoison, Sarmor, Swordor, Swarmord, Grünt, Giftgrünt, Grüntgas, Viergondra, Glaice, Glacaire, Glacielle, Glacinder, Magask, and Toxiana.
19. Sadly, there's no 'gas mask badge' but I do like the Toxic Badge.
20. The Harry Potter books.
21. Cave Story.
22. Super Scribblenauts.
23. Controlling poison, being able to do magic, and being able to sense when people lie.
24. I've already seen you once, even if you didn't know. (And even if my guess was correct.) So I can't answer "Shane". :P
Instead, I'll answer "Polaris".
25. It depends. If people lie about me not having a birthday party, I don't mind. However, there are lies that I hate a lot.


Any more questions?
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