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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: July 20, 2013, 10:52:41 pm »
More questions appear! And all of my questions are entirely out of the randomly green Draconian skies that never was!

  • If you could choose which other members were to join these forums, who would they be? (I don't know which other forums you're a member of aside from the three I administrate and the Mossmouth forums)
  • Out of all 50 deviations of mine, which are your favourites?
  • I'm merely curious, although it probably doesn't sound like that... but anyway, why in Esiësia do you upload so many things to your gallery? :o
  • Do you like reviving ancient threads?
  • How many Pikachu can a Pikachu chew if a Pikachu could chew Pikachu while picking a Pikachu to chew?
1. GalanDun, Bla bla bla 44, nbaheen, SuperX46, nathantcash, Mvskoke, Rebelle, Dr. Time, Soumya, Tpcool, Dunc2403, X-Calibar, MagicDoors, Egregious One, Xiphos Orochi 666, Wonkyth and... yeah, I guess those are all members from other forums that I wish would join these forums. (SCS Forums, The Battle Forums, Cave Story Tribute Site Forums, TV Tropes Forums and Mossmouth Forums; I'm not a member of the CSTSF or TV Tropes)
2. Kori, Ashley, Ellen, Lucy, Minay, Simoné, Nadine, Deredei, Inge, Janet, Hikari, Hatsune, Azimiza, Jria, Gina San-Mari, Aspen, Misery, Shaie, Megan, Kay, Nicole, Serenity, Charlotte, Erin, Darcy, Taylor (:P), Amy, and Kim.
4. Yes. I do. Only at these forums, though.
5. ... Did you just make a pun out of poor Pikachu?! D:
I will not tolerate this! As soon as possible, we're gonna have a Pokémon battle! AND NOBODY WILL STOP US! ... Except maybe Pokémon X and Y's release.

Quote from: Kanpachi
If any of these have been asked ignore them.
I can't ignore them, I'll just answer them anyway :P
I'd never be able to sleep if I ignore a question. :-[

Quote from: Kanpachi
1. First video game?
2. Favourite animal?
3. Do you watch anime? If you do, what is your favourite anime?
4. How many sisters do you have?
5. Do you prefer cold or warm weather?
1. Cave Story. It is awesome. (Even more awesome than any Cave Story mod, because without Cave Story, no mod of it could exist... right?)
2. Tiger. My second favourite animal is the garter snake (which is the only sort of snake I'm not scared of, oddly enough).
3. Yep, I do. My favourite anime is Pokémon, although I also watch Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh!.
4. Two: Dianke and Lily. Dianke's two years younger than me, and Lily's two years older than me. And I'm the same age as myself, obviously. (Shane's randomness has corrupted me... :'()
5. Cold weather. It gives me a much better excuse to wear gloves every day. :)
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