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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: July 21, 2013, 06:17:35 pm »
Questioning time. Again.

Een: What was the largest town/city you've ever visited?
Twee: What do you hate about travelling?
Drie: Did you expect Afrikaans numbering? :P
Vier: What do you usually do if there's a power outage?
Vyf: What is your favourite Trainer class in Pokémon?
Ses: Out of these Pokémon / Pokémon Trainer resprites and recolours, who are your favourites?
Sewe: What excuse are you talking about when you said this?
It gives me a much better excuse to wear gloves every day. :)
Agt: Of all the characters here, who is your favourite? (Excluding those belonging to you. So no, you can't choose yourself :P )
Nege: If you could learn any other languages, what would they be?
Tien: Where did you come up with the name of "Elvania"?

★Which is your favorite Keyblade? (I'm surprised Shane hasn't asked this already...:p)
I'm surprised I haven't asked it yet :o
I guess I forgot~ ^_^"
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