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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: July 21, 2013, 06:50:12 pm »
A wild horde of inquiries appears!
So many questions~

★Do you have a towel that's mostly yours? If so, what does it look like?
Yep. Just plain red. (Wish it was purple instead.)

★Do you like to dance?
No, I don't.
Maybe that'll change in the future? Who knows.

★Do you have a phone?
Yes. And I'm not going to give anyone my phone number :P

★What is your opinion on Chocolate Puddin'?
... Chocolatey :P

★Have you ever done a barrel roll?
I haven't, But Google has. :))

★Which is your favorite Keyblade? (I'm surprised Shane hasn't asked this already...:p)
It would have to be... the Bond of Flame. There's another Keyblade I like, but it's still nameless. Those who haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance are warned about spoilers: this one. (There's no poisonous Keyblade that I know of. :()
(I just wish the noisy ads would disappear.)

★If you were locked in a room with all the supplies you'd need to survive for a year and 1 videogame, what would you take?
All the supplies I'd need to survive.
However, if the oxygen in the room would run out because there's no ventilation or windows, it'd probably not matter. (Unless said supplies include "oxygen tank and oxygen mask", I guess. :P)

That's actually a Draconian element, apparently. Shane'll know what's with that, I bet :P

★Do you prefer Coke or Sprite? Or do you hate them both?
I hate 'em both.

★Do you like reading?
Sometimes. Depends on what books they are, actually.

★If you had a custom-made sword or gun(or both!), what would it look like or do?
It'd be a gunblade. It'd be covered in poison, and fire gas grenades and smoke bombs. It would also be sharper than a katana.

★Why's the Rum gone? :p
Because Shane hates rum :P

★Have you ever tried Ginger Ale? If so, did you like it?
Sadly, no.

★How deep is that well you're stuck in? May I go in after you?
Sure! :)
It's pretty deep though. By analyzing the well, I'd estimate that it'd take me at least twenty hours to climb out... presuming that there's no magical enchantments here :P

★If you had to eat a mushroom from Mario, which would it be?
The shrink-shroom. I feel like hiding :-[

★You are all what materials made the mod?
I'm actually a person. :P

★Do you like Headphones? If so, do you prefer them to earbuds?
I don't like either of the two.

★Are you a sleepyhead or a morning person?
... It kinda depends. During the summer, I'm a sleepyhead, and the only way to wake me by force is by throwing a bucket of water over my face. (My younger sister does that all the time.)
In the winter, though, I'm a morning person.

★If you had 3 extra lives, Shane as a partner(also with 3 lives), and plenty of weapons and armor for both of you, do you think you could take down a small army full of idiots? (Talking about real life, here.)
Provided that Shane equips the armor? Possibly. But knowing him, he'd probably go armor-less, in which case, no.
(Unless he proves to be skilled with dual-wielding. Or manages to confuse said idiots using large words like "discombobulated" or "pulchritudinous". Or perhaps saying the answer to 756.)
That is merely a possibility, considering that anything can happen. For example, the idiots could have an ally who can built an army of giant battle robots. :P


Which gender do you think I am? :p
Genderless. :P

Joking aside, I think you're... female.
(And then I'm probably wrong, but guessing randomly could work... and I think I'm going to have to prepare a Pokémon RPG for the forum so that I can challenge Shane to a battle and try to get revenge for his randomness corrupting me... but he'll probably win anyway :P)

That's all. Let the answers fly!
They already did, but they got hit by the Oblivion Wing of an Yveltal :P

Een: What was the largest town/city you've ever visited?
Cape Town. I think.

Twee: What do you hate about travelling?
The time it takes to get from point A to point B.

Drie: Did you expect Afrikaans numbering? :P
I expected Draconian numbering :-[

Vier: What do you usually do if there's a power outage?

Vyf: What is your favourite Trainer class in Pokémon?
The Lass. Also, from Unova, the Clerk.

Ses: Out of these Pokémon / Pokémon Trainer resprites and recolours, who are your favourites?

Sewe: What excuse are you talking about when you said this?
It gives me a much better excuse to wear gloves every day. :)
Let's just say if your hands were covered in scars, would you rather let others see them or would you rather hide those scars?

Agt: Of all the characters here, who is your favourite? (Excluding those belonging to you. So no, you can't choose yourself :P )
... You. :P

In all seriousness, though, Kimberley.

Nege: If you could learn any other languages, what would they be?

Tien: Where did you come up with the name of "Elvania"?
My older sister named it. Her name starts with an L (Lily), and Castlevania ends on "vania". (She's a fan of the Castlevania games.)
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