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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: July 27, 2013, 01:03:53 pm »
Quote from: Taylor
Longer than most, probably... you've asked the most questions of all the members here...


Guess I can't let my streak die now, huh? I'm on it!


♥What other "secret" emoticons are there besides ": ) )"?

♥Are you surprised that I'm using ♥s instead of ★s? :P

♥What's the nicest color you've ever seen the sky be?

♥Do you like the early morning or late night more?

♥How early do you usually wake up in Summer and Winter?

♥Do you hate or like the color pink? (Note that I also mean the cooler versions of pink like fuschia or hot pink, not just carnation or *shudder* salmon.)

♥Where's the princess?

♥How much desu could a woodchuck desu if a woodchuck could chuck desu?

♥Have you tried making Pixel Art? Are you good at it?

♥Do you like Hot Chocolate?

♥Do you wish it were warmer over there?

♥This is not a question.

♥Have you ever worn and liked a hat?

♥Have you ever heard of Ōkami?

♥Do you still feel like answering questions?


Insert arbitrary ending statement here!