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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: July 29, 2013, 11:21:53 am »
Life has 14 meanings, according to WordWeb. :P
Should've seen that one coming... "

1. What were the ten most recent video games you've played?
Hero's Saga: Laevatein Tactics, Giana Sisters DS, Steal Princess, Super Scribblenauts, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Avalon Code, The Sims 3, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, Phantasy Star 0. All for the DS. :P

2. Should the secret plans of the future be mentioned already? (Ein leodeb ke taw teew ein yj laveg ni, dnaam edneit eid nav gad etsaal eid nav uon taarp ke.)
Feel free to ;)

3. Did I just use some sort of secret code speak that makes absolutely no sense at all? :o
Yes, you did. But it made sense.

4. Do you think Unknowns should be different from Nobodies? (SCS/DR)
5. Do you think there should be several different variants of Nobodies? (SCS/DR)
I don't follow, sorry. :-[

Quote from: Taylor
Longer than most, probably... you've asked the most questions of all the members here...


Guess I can't let my streak die now, huh? I'm on it!
I'm ready for it!

♥What other "secret" emoticons are there besides ": ) )"?
I don't know. :-[
I noticed :)) by accident.

♥Are you surprised that I'm using ♥s instead of ★s? :P
Nope. :P

♥What's the nicest color you've ever seen the sky be?
Dark blue with white stars~

♥Do you like the early morning or late night more?
Late night.

♥How early do you usually wake up in Summer and Winter?
Summer, I usually wake up at around 12 PM.
Winter, I usually wake up at 6 AM.

♥Do you hate or like the color pink? (Note that I also mean the cooler versions of pink like fuschia or hot pink, not just carnation or *shudder* salmon.)
Yeah, I like certain shades of pink.

♥Where's the princess?
Oh, I threw her in the execution room.

♥How much desu could a woodchuck desu if a woodchuck could chuck desu?
Enough to confuse me and Shane, probably? :o

♥Have you tried making Pixel Art? Are you good at it?
Sadly, no :(
Never tried, unless you count giving Behemoths (from Cave Story) a Heartless emblem... :-[

♥Do you like Hot Chocolate?

♥Do you wish it were warmer over there?
No. I like the cold.

♥This is not a question.
This is not black text. :P

♥Have you ever worn and liked a hat?
I have worn a hat once, but I didn't like it.

♥Have you ever heard of Ōkami?
... The name sounds familiar... is it related to something called "Ōkamiden"?

♥Do you still feel like answering questions?
Of course!
I will answer as many questions as I can.

Insert arbitrary ending statement here!
I threw poor Aspen into the inferno. >:3
Aidan "the Eternal Darkness" is deceased...
I am still full of sorrow... my boyfriend, dead...