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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: July 31, 2013, 11:14:07 pm »

★What is the above a reference to? :P
Everything? I do not know.

★When we hit your third page, may I make a well?
See Shane's post for the answer.
I agree with him.

★What is your least favorite Pokéball? How about least favorite Keyblade?
The normal Poké Ball and the Kingdom Key.

★Do you prefer comedy or romance?
A mixture of both. :-[

★What does your DS look like?
Well, it was pink. However, my younger sister took it from me, so now I use emulators. :-\
Just like Shane, but Shane has no sisters or brothers. And he has a radically different reason for using emulators. You'll have to ask him when he starts his well.

★If you had to choose between a nostalgic/important to you, but slightly weak weapon and an impersonal/generic, but strong weapon, which would you choose?
The first one.

★Do you value offense or defense more? (I think I know your answer already :P)
A balance between the two. :P
Did you think my answer would be thus?

★ Do you have any bracelets, whether rubber or metal?
No. It'd be useless to wear bracelets with gloves, in my opinion.

★Would you rather be a Dark Is Not Evil hero fighting for light, or a technically good morally ambiguous Light Is Not Nice person?
I'll take a third option and be both :P

★Which color do you like more:gold or silver?
Gold. So shiny~

★Since when do we have more than 7 members? :P
Since 29 July, I think.
Dr. Time joined because... apparently, he has errors with the Battle Forums.
Bla bla bla 44 joined because I wished he would, I guess :P
It was on his birthday.

I wonder if it's easier answering questions than asking them...
Depends on who you're asking. ;)

• What are you planning to use for your Halloween avatar?
Have you forgotten? I've asked you to do that.

• What's your operating system?
Windows 7.

• Are there any games you like for a specific reason?
Yeah. I'll not post the reasons, though, because you'll definitely freak out and be too scared to ask more questions. >:3

• Why did I shoot this post with four bullets?
Since when do you have a gun?
Aidan "the Eternal Darkness" is deceased...
I am still full of sorrow... my boyfriend, dead...