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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: August 04, 2013, 10:25:08 am »
Sorry, Taylor...

I'm like, totally out of questions. D:

I might swoop in with more some other time, but for now I'm done.
Hope you'll get more questions soon...

Besides, I'm going to open a well of my own after Shane's had a bit of time for his. I'd rather not open one right away because I'd like plenty of questions. :<
I see...

So, here's my final question...

★The End?
Not yet, by the looks of things. :-[

I'll just ask a few now.
Sorry if some of them have already been asked.
I don't mind.

1.Have pets?

2.How did you learn about Cave Story?
I was browsing the Freeware Games page of TV Tropes in 2012.

3.You like waffles?

4.You have any sisters/brothers?
Two sisters, Dianke and Lily.
Dianke is younger than me, and Lily is my older sister.

5.Which version of Windows 7 do you use? (Starter/Home Basic/Professional/Ultimate)
Ultimate? I've to check soon.

6.Where do you live?
That's a secret :P

7.Favourite weapon in the original Cave Story?

Oh besides-
Quote from: Taylor
Dr. Time joined because... apparently, he has errors with the Battle Forums.

I didn't join here because of that.
Many of my friends are here.Plus, I have the chance of making NEW friends (Wayne,Polaris,Kanpachi....Hi :P).
So,why wouldn't I join? :))
Sorry :-[
Guess that's where conjecture gets me...

'Sides, friends are awesome.

I have a few questions...

1. How many questions have you been asked here?
So far, including these new ones? 169.
... but you'll beat me soon. Already more than 116 questions in just one day O_O"

Wow, you're... well, you're the most popular member here, apparently :P

[EDIT] Okay, you surpassed me already - 214 questions :o [/EDIT]

2. Favourite weapon in the mods of Cave Story that I've made?
The Ice Ball. Useful against Kim Tyranto :P

3. Favourite weapon in the mods of Cave Story that Wayne made?
That weapon which makes an "X". I can't remember the name :-[

4. What is your favourite avatar in Super Scribblenauts?
... Funny you should know about that game having avatars... >:3

The Goth.

5. Have you played any NES games?
No. :-\
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