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Re: The Well: Taylor~
« on: August 06, 2013, 11:47:17 am »

Yay! ;D

8.You love Pikachu?
I like Pikachu a lot, yes.

9.Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory?
Nope. The theme song annoys me. (Sorry.)

10.Do you think there should always be light and no darkness? (There's only one right answer,BTW. I'll post the answer later)
I think that there should be a balance between the two.

11.Your opinion on dragons?
I like them. Preferably green ones (since purple ones don't exist in NetHack).

12.What's the first thing you'd do if it was the End of the World?
Eh. Hope that everyone survives.

13. What'd you do if Polaris suddenly visited you?
I'd be too surprised to do anything, really.

14.You like rainbows?
Yes, but not to the point of saying it every single time.


16.How experienced are you in LF2?
Not very.

17.Have you played any network games on LF2 with any forum member?

18.Do you like painting?

20.Would've you liked it more if you were born in the past? (Let's say...around 13th century or earlier)
No. Also, you skipped question 19 :o

I'll keep 'em coming if you keep the answers comin'.

Dr. Time....Awaaaay~
More! MORE! I require more questions in order to become the questioned one... oh... :-[
Aidan "the Eternal Darkness" is deceased...
I am still full of sorrow... my boyfriend, dead...