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Re: Tome of Dreams
« on: August 24, 2013, 11:07:23 pm »
Page 3: Differences Between the Dream Realm and the Overworld

In the Overworld, combos have damage multipliers, have a chance of inflicting Sudden Death, give 2 CP instead of 1 CP, and is generally very powerful. In the Dream Realm, however, these are very different.
CP gain is unchanged, and there are no damage multipliers in the Dream Realm, and there's no chance of inflicting Sudden Death. Instead, at the end of a combo, characters who deal the final blow gets to use a "coup de grâce", changing depending on the element and equipped weapons of the character. Each character has his/her own combinations.

These powerful attacks are detailed in this Tome. The name, the icon in battle, the required weapons and element, and also its devastating effect is detailed.
Used with care, these can actually help a lot. In addition, there are Coups de Grâce that actually heal the party member, but it's up to you to find what it is!
In addition, using a Coup de Grâce doubles the CP earned in a battle, but only once, and even then, there's only a 25% chance of that happening.

In the Overworld, dealing more damage to an enemy than the HP remaining has no effect. If someone was to deal 234 damage to a monster with only 23 HP, nothing special would happen.
In the Dream World, however, dealing more than 50 points of damage to an enemy that has less than 49 HP leads to overkill. If someone dealt 50 damage to a monster with 26 HP, the Overkill Damage will be 24.
Overkilling an enemy increases the Special Coins and Magic Coins dropped by that enemy by a number equal to the amount of party members multiplied by their level.
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