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Re: Tome of People
« on: November 09, 2013, 12:58:38 pm »
Page 5: NPC-Only Classes

These class is special NPC classes and can only be given to a character by special means.

Characters in the Chronicles Campaign with Default Elements will always start with "None" as an element, and will gain access to their Default Element once they reach Level 5.
In the Otherworld Campaign, they automatically begin with their Default Element.

All characters can change class when they reach a weapon skill of 200. Sometimes new classes will be unlocked by this.
Magic CP depend on the element of spells used.

There are many more classes, but they are to be discovered.

About "Best", "Average" and "Weakest" stats:
"Best", "Average" and "Weakest" stats are actually modifiers regarding how stat points are spent.

Best stats increase by 3 points after the character reaches level 5. For one stat point, for example, a Fighter could get +3 HP instead of +1.
Average stats always increase by 1 point.
Weakest stats increase by 0.5 points after the character reaches level 5. For example, a Fighter has to spend 2 stat points to get +1 to INT.
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