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Re: Tome of Psyche
« on: November 13, 2013, 10:52:49 pm »
Page 10: Glaice

A strange being who just showed up suddenly on Endania, with no memories about herself. She remembers being kidnapped by two evil people and that she controls Ice, and that her name is Glaice, but that's it.
At a quick glance, she looks rather similar to Polar, and also has the same stats. Could it be a coincidence?
Regardless, she seems to have a crush on Polar for some reason.

Name: Glaice
Race: Surfacian Unknown
Class: Civilian
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
List of Fears: Unknown
Worst Fear(s): Unknown
Campaign: Chronicles

STATSStrengthAttackMagical AttackDefenseMagical DefenseDexterityIntelligenceAgilityStealth
Base Value112111111
Current Value184111111
(Stat Points: 0)

Hitpoints: 110 / 110 [default 106]
Special Move Points: 7 / 7
Magic Points: 7 / 7
Experience Points: 240
Level: 3
Next Level: 375 XP
Trust: 105 / 200
Stat Points: 0

Weapon 1: Bronze Longsword (+7 ATK)
Armor: Nothing
Shield / Weapon 2: Glass Orb (+2 MATK)
Helmet: Nothing
Gloves: Nothing
Boots: Nothing
Accessory 1: Nothing
Accessory 2: Nothing
Element: NONE
Ability: Snow Veil

Level: 1
Soul: Frost Elf Fighter
  • +4 max HP
  • Learn Ice Howl
  • Increased speed in tundras

Class Points:
Sword: 0016/0200
Combos: 0000/0100
Assimilation: 0000/1000


Hair Colour: Blue, long
Eye Colour: Light Pink
Skin Colour: Pale-Light Caucasian
Weight: 140kg
Length: 5'4"
Head 1: White ribbon
Head 2: None
Face: Red "Y" below left eye, blue "X" below right eye
Neck: Pendant of Memories (silver star on black chain made from flowers)
Upper Body: White blouse
Lower Body: White miniskirt
Right Hand: 169 gold bracelets
Left Hand: Tin Watch, red ring
Handwear: White elbow-length gloves
Legs 1: White thigh-high stockings
Legs 2: White knee-high boots
Accessory 1: None
Accessory 2: None
Accessory 3: None
Accessory 4: None
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