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Re: Tome of the Elements
« on: August 11, 2013, 09:34:13 pm »
Page 11: Elements and Abilities (Part 9)

The element of the squirrels. However, squirrel speech is impossible to understand to all that is not a squirrel.
Strong against: None; Wind; Water; Ice; Nature; Fabric; Sound; Blah; Blood; Paper; Pizza; Fairy; Psychic
Weak against: (to do)
No effect on: Squirrel
Immune to: Squirrel
Powers up: Cuteness; Hope; Hito

Compulsive: This character may attack three times. This ability only works if the character joins in a combination attack.
Cute Charm: Contact with the character may cause infatuation.
Furry Dance: In battle, the character can summon squirrels equal to the amount of characters in the party. These squirrels are considered to be summoned by each character. They do what their character does. This ability can only be activated every fifteen battles.
Iron Tail: If the character is equipped with no weapon, he/she deals double damage. In addition, this character's melee attacks will always be Metal-based.
Obsessive: If this character misses, he/she gets another turn. This ability only works if a combo attack is initiated.
Squirrel Fury: Squirrel-element attacks are boosted in power at 1/3 HP.
Squirrel Polymorph: The character can change between his/her Squirrel form and his/her original form. In Squirrel Form, he/she can understand squirrels, and gains a bonus to agility and stealth.
Team Squirrel: For every party character that is unconscious or dead, the character will summon two squirrels on the character's side. If the character with this ability is unconscious or dead, this ability won't activate and is negated entirely. They have similar stats to the character, only halved. They are Squirrel-element, too.
The element of gems.
Strong against: None; Heart; Spirit; Data; Illusion; Chaos; Psychic; Gem; Chthonic; Fairy; Atom; Hito-Fille
Weak against: (to do)
No effect on: Hito-Garçon; Crystal
Immune to: (to do)
Powers up: Astral; Cuteness

Calamity Overboost: When the character has 1/3 HP remaining, his/her stats are boosted. In addition, he/she regenerates 8 HP per turn for the rest of the battle.
Dazzle: If there is a Solar-element character in the party, this character will blind all enemies in combat automatically. This also works if the sun is shining brightly.
Gem Wars: The character's Gem-type moves are boosted at 1/3 HP.
Lightning Rod: The character absorbs Thunder-based attacks to power up his/her offensive stats.
Nice Try: This ability allows the character to immediately counterattack with a normal attack. This ability has a 30% chance of triggering.
Shiny: The character has a 25% chance to blind an opponent on contact.
Shining Money: If a character with this ability participates in battle, all Gem-element enemies will drop twice as many rewards than usual.
Tough: All attacks that would be Super Effective instead deal normal damage to the character.
The element of psychic, or psi.
Strong against: Poison; Physical; Blood; Quintessence; Atom; Cuteness; Hope; Chthonic; Heart; Spirit; Data; Nature; Atom; Truth; Hito-Mystère
Weak against: (to do)
No effect on: (to do)
Immune to: (to do)
Powers up: (to do)

Forewarn: Determines the stats an enemy has. This ability only works at the start of combat on a single enemy. In addition, at 1/3 HP, the character's Psychic-type moves are boosted in power.
Guarded Quill: If the character is equipped with an rod, he/she deals double damage. In addition, this character's ranged attacks will always be Psychic-based.
Hypnotism: Contact with the character causes hypnotism.
Magic Guard: Prevents indirect damage - only attacks and moves will harm this character. The character is entirely unaffected by magic cast by friend or foe.
Psycho Edge: If the character is equipped with a sword, he/she deals double damage. In addition, this character's melee attacks will always be Psychic based.
Serene Grace: Increases the chance to cause status effects.
Synchronize: If this character gets afflicted with a status effect, the one who caused it will also get afflicted by it.
Telepathy: The character cannot be harmed by his/her allies.
The element of chemicals, or atoms, or science.
Strong against: Atom; Hope; Blood; Explosion; Sound; Magic; Void; None; Hito-Mystère; Crystal; Oil
Weak against: (to do)
No effect on: (to do)
Immune to: (to do)
Powers up: (to do)

Atomic Meow: The character summons a cat. Its element is Atom. It has the same stats as the character. The cat lasts for five battles.
Chemical Wrath: Boosts the power of Atom-element moves at 1/3 HP.
Hand-to-Hand: The character gains a bonus to his/her Attack stats if involved in melee combat.
Lock-On: After activating this ability, the next attack will not miss. This ability requires a cost of 25 HP to activate.
Money Drain: Enemies will drop more money when slain. However, they no longer will drop any items at all. Key items will still be dropped, however.
Oxygen Barrier: Characters with this ability can survive in places without oxygen. Allies can enter the barrier as well.
Radioactive: This character inflicts random status effects on allies and enemies at the same time. This ability is negated if there is a character with Poison, Chthonic, Gem, Light, Nature or Darkness as an element in the party.
Tiny: Has a high probability to dodge attacks, but deals less damage.
The element of cuteness, or "moe".
Strong against: None; Blah; Psychic; Sound; Serpentine; Truth; Hito-Garçon
Weak against: (to do)
No effect on: (to do)
Immune to: (to do)
Powers up: Hito-Fille

Calm Fury: If this character's HP is 1/3 remaining, this character can attack three times. However, damage dealt is halved.
Cheering: Boosts the accuracy of the character and his/her allies.
Core of Being: If this character has an offense Heart-element move or spell, it will automatically be attached to a normal attack.
Cunning Charm: The character's Stealth is tripled. However, his/her Attack is lowered dramatically.
Cute Charm: Contact with the character may cause infatuation.
Cutely Angry: Boosts the power of Cuteness-element moves at 1/3 HP.
Irresistible: Enemies are prevented from fleeing. This does not affect boss enemies.
Quizzical Tilt: The character is confused more easily, but gains an immunity to Heart, Spirit, Data and Physical-element attacks.
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